• 5 Reasons Ho Hum Parenting Could Work For You

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    Parenting in the Here and Now cover imageRaising a child is a journey of uncertainty, with challenges and discoveries on every corner. But all too often we find ourselves getting caught up in what type of parent we think we should be, rather than focusing on where we are in our parenting journey now. Lea Page, an experienced mentor to homeschooling mothers, has developed her concept of Ho Hum parenting to deal with this problem. She believes that parents needn’t strive for perfection, but instead should embrace the skills they already have in order to become a more effective parent. Here are five ways in which her philosophy could work for you.


    1) It’s not about changing yourself, it’s about doing your best

    Many parents feel insecure about whether they are doing a good job of raising their children, and feel like they should change completely to meet expectations. The Ho Hum philosophy recognises that to be a good parent you should work with the skills you already have rather than feel like you are not good enough.

    2) Ho Hum is direct and calm

    Lea advises that the best way to manage problems is in the moment – deal with parenting issues calmly and directly, rather than being overwhelmed by frustration and upset. The key is to recognise where negative emotions are affecting your behavious and taking a step back. Respond to what is actually happening now rather than how it is making you feel or how it is different to what you had planned.

    3) Actions speak louder than words

    The overall purpose of Ho Hum is to enable parents to ACT rather than REACT. Lea says that parents should focus on being calm, being confident in their parental authority, and using actions and experiences rather than words. For example, if it’s time to leave the cafe, actually standing up, handing your children their coats, and physically getting ready to leave is a far more effective way of getting everyone to leave the cafe than simply explaining that it’s time to go.

    4) Ho Hum is the answer to many common parenting problems

    The principles of Ho Hum can be applied to a broad range of issues, including temper tantrums, lying and disrespect, as well as teaching children about responsibility.

    5) Ho Hum is a companion in each unique journey of parenthood

    Lea says that although “all parents must make their way through virtually the same terrain, no two paths will ever be completely alike”. The challenging journey of raising children is one that does not need to be faced alone, and the principles of her approach provide a comforting guide to help develop your own “internal compass” for parenting.

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