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    ‘An empowering picture book that will help little ones to discover their own inner superheroes.’
    — Scottish Book Trust

    Halima can’t decide who to dress up as for her friend’s birthday party. Should she be a princess like Elsa, or a sort-of superhero like Pippi Longstocking? “You can’t be either,” her friends tell her, “because you don’t look like them.”

    Halima decides she doesn’t want to go to the party any more. What’s the point if she can’t be one of her heroes?

    Until Mama says Halima can be whoever she wants to be, and together they discover some of the strong, brave women who could inspire her. Introduce your young ones to Mama’s inspirational people of colour with our free pdf poster download, perfect for decorating bedrooms, classrooms and libraries!

    Halima, Superhero Princess is available in hardback and paperback.

    Click to download pdf poster!

    Also by Emily Joof:

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