This website has been built with due regard for best practice for accessibility, and with reference to UK Government guidelines.

Many features have been included to help users of assistive browsers with site comprehension and navigation. Some of these are as follows:

Access Keys

Access keys provide alternative navigation without using a mouse. The site follows UK Government access key guidelines:

0 - Accessibility and access key details
1 - Home page
4 - Search
6 - Help
S - Skip to content

To use Access keys hold down either Alt, Ctrl or Shift (depending on your browser) with the Access key (listed above) and press the Enter key (if required).


Alt text has been included on images where it aids comprehension of the page. The site navigation has been built using text; the images you see in a standard browser are background images.

Accessibility Rating

This site has been checked on WebXACT (formerly Bobby) ( on 4 June 2007 and passed the Level 1 requirements for accessibility.

Assistive Browsers

Below is information about various assistive browsers which some users might find helpful: