• Floris Books 40th Birthday

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    Officially founded on October 14th, 1976, Floris Books will be forty years old this year. To celebrate, we wanted to share our story with our friends and supporters. While remaining close to its roots, Floris has enjoyed an evolution over the last four decades. Starting as a small dedicated band around a kitchen table,...

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    #FlorisDesign: 5 Top Tips for Cover Design

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    The Kelpies Design & Illustration Prize 2016 has officially opened and the judges are eagerly awaiting this year’s entries! In 2014, we launched the Prize with the aim of discovering new children’s design talent in Scotland. Since then, two books from our Kelpies range have had fantastic make-overs. The Sign of the Black Dagger by...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview with Maria Bogade

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    McKayWee GrannyandtheCeilidh

    Illustrator of… Today #FlorisDesign is talking to Maria Bogade, who illustrated Wee Granny’s Magic Bag and Wee Granny and the Ceilidh. Part of our Picture Kelpies, the Wee Granny series is about a practical gran with a magic, bottomless bag that has everything she could ever need in a pinch! Both Wee Granny books were written...

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    #FlorisDesign Quickfire Interview with Richard Morgan

    by  • 19 August 2015 • 0 Comments

      Illustrator of…   With us for #FlorisDesign is the pencil-and-paintbrush wielding Viking and illustrator Richard Morgan who will be doing a quick-fire interview with us about his work on Thorfinn the Nicest Viking. Today is a special day as we’re able to show you for the first time the covers for the series...

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    Anthony (Tony) Jacobs-Brown

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    Floris Books is sad to hear of the recent passing of Tony Jacobs-Brown, a former colleague and long-time friend. Below is an obituary, based on the eulogy by Darryl Coonan. Tony was born in London, England on August 24, 1954. He was an only child and was the first in his family to go...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Kirsteen Harris-Jones

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      Illustrator of…   Kirsteen Harris-Jones illustrated her first Picture Kelpies book, No Such Thing as Nessie! in 2013 written by none other than Chani McBain, our Sales and Marketing Manager! Kirsteen’s latest Picture Kelpies book is The Grouse and the Mouse by Emily Dodd. It’s a story about two loveable characters, Bagpipe and...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Matthew Land

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            Illustrator of…   Today with #FlorisDesign, we’re chatting with Matthew Land, the illustrator of Theresa Breslin’s dramatic tale The Dragon Stoorworm, about his work and creative processes. Hi Matthew! Thanks for talking to us. We were wondering where you looked for inspiration when you started your illustrations for The Dragon Stoorworm? Theresa’s...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Ruchi Mhasane

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      Illustrator of… This week, we are interviewing Ruchi Mhasane, the wonderful illustrator of The Selkie Girl, an emotional re-telling of a classic Scottish folk tale by Janis Mackay. We’ll be talking with Ruchi about her inspiration behind these beautiful illustrations as well as her personal work. Hi Ruchi, we’re excited to hear all...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Philip Longson

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    Illustrator of… This week #FlorisDesign is interviewing Philip Longson, the brilliantly talented illustrator of Lari Don’s The Tale of Tam Linn. Read on to learn about where he found his inspiration, his favourite illustration in the book, and what advice he would give to his younger self. Hi Philip, thanks for taking the time...

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