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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Matthew Land

    by  • 3 June 2015 • 0 Comments

            Illustrator of…   Today with #FlorisDesign, we’re chatting with Matthew Land, the illustrator of Theresa Breslin’s dramatic tale The Dragon Stoorworm, about his work and creative processes. Hi Matthew! Thanks for talking to us. We were wondering where you looked for inspiration when you started your illustrations for The Dragon Stoorworm? Theresa’s...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Ruchi Mhasane

    by  • 27 May 2015 • 0 Comments

      Illustrator of… This week, we are interviewing Ruchi Mhasane, the wonderful illustrator of The Selkie Girl, an emotional re-telling of a classic Scottish folk tale by Janis Mackay. We’ll be talking with Ruchi about her inspiration behind these beautiful illustrations as well as her personal work. Hi Ruchi, we’re excited to hear all...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Philip Longson

    by  • 20 May 2015 • 0 Comments


    Illustrator of… This week #FlorisDesign is interviewing Philip Longson, the brilliantly talented illustrator of Lari Don’s The Tale of Tam Linn. Read on to learn about where he found his inspiration, his favourite illustration in the book, and what advice he would give to his younger self. Hi Philip, thanks for taking the time...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Sandra Klaassen

    by  • 13 May 2015 • 0 Comments


    Illustrator Of…   This week #FlorisDesign is happy to share an exclusive interview with the talented Dutch author/illustrator, Sandra Klaassen. As an experienced illustrator who pours so much emotion into her work, we were thrilled to hear about Sandra’s inspirations and experience.  Hi Sandra, thanks for sharing with us about you and your work...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Kate McLelland

    by  • 6 May 2015 • 0 Comments


    Illustrator of… Hi Kate! In 2014, you illustrated one of our best-selling Picture Kelpie, There Was a Wee Lassie Who Swallowed a Midgie by Rebecca Colby. Recently you’ve illustrated for our very first Wee Kelpies board books: My First Scottish Things That Go and My First Scottish Colours. Can you start us off by...

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    Floris says goodbye to Edinburgh’s Helios Fountain

    by  • 1 May 2015 • 0 Comments

    After 34 years of selling its unique selection of books, gifts and crafts, Edinburgh’s Helios Fountain will shortly be closing its doors for the last time. The Floris team have worked with the store for many years and were saddened to learn of its imminent closure. Jos Bastiaensen, the shop’s owner, told STV Edinburgh...

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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Leah McDowell

    by  • 22 April 2015 • 0 Comments


    Illustrator of… Leah has been illustrating Kelpies for almost three years now and has stacked up a fantastic portfolio of fun, spooky and sinister covers. Today, as the other half of the Design and Production team, I’ll be interviewing her across our desks to give you a behind-the-scenes look into her work as a...

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    5 Reasons Ho Hum Parenting Could Work For You

    by  • 20 April 2015 • 0 Comments

    Parenting in the Here and Now cover image

    Raising a child is a journey of uncertainty, with challenges and discoveries on every corner. But all too often we find ourselves getting caught up in what type of parent we think we should be, rather than focusing on where we are in our parenting journey now. Lea Page, an experienced mentor to homeschooling...

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    What is Eurythmy?

    by  • 14 April 2015 • 0 Comments


    Floris Books have published several books on Eurythmy, but if you’re not as familiar with the term as we are you might be asking yourself the question: ‘what is eurythmy?’ Eurythmy is a form of art movement initiated by Rudolph Steiner. It’s almost like a dance, and the aim is to make speech and...

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    Finding Work-Life Balance: try it out

    by  • 3 April 2015 • 0 Comments

    It’s Good Friday and Floris HQ is very quiet. Lots of staff are off spending time with family (happily balancing work and life) but a quick tally reveals that we have every stage of life covered from Jos van der Brug’s new Finding Work-Life Balance manual. In the office today we have our young...

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