• Europe’s First Biodynamic Botanic Garden Opens at Emerson College – May 11th 2019

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    On Saturday 11th May our friends at Emerson College, Forest Row, UK will be opening Europe’s first Biodynamic Botanic Garden! Here, their Communications Manager, Ellie Kidson, tells us about the programme for the day and the purpose of the garden. DYNAMIC CONNECTIONS:  The Biodynamic Botanic Garden at Emerson College is called into bloom On...

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    Growing Children, Thriving Children: Raising 7 to 12 Year Olds With Confidence and Awareness

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    Children face big changes between the ages of seven and twelve. We spoke to experienced teacher and parenting coach Lou Harvey-Zahra, whose new book Growing Children, Thriving Children addresses the challenges of supporting children through their middle years. What are the key changes facing children during their lower school years? There are key physical,...

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    Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens

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    Teach children how to engage with the seasons with the help of “Spring and Summer Nature Activities for Waldorf Kindergartens.” This book is full of wonderful ideas and projects for kindergarten teachers including growing and cooking fresh herbs, caring for butterflies, using plant dyes, building bird boxes, creating a stimulating kindergarten garden, and working...

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    How Does My Fruit Grow? Five fantastic fruit facts

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    How Does My Fruit Grow blog header

    Gerda Muller’s detailed but beautiful garden illustrations are a masterclass in combining art and education. In How Does My Fruit Grow?, Muller delightfully depicts a variety of fruit plants and trees, and gives young gardener Sophie some useful lessons along the way. Sophie wasn’t the only one to learn something in these fact-filled pages. So,...

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    Whittling Projects Using Your Christmas Tree

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    Whittling is the perfect activity to keep children entertained in the winter months, and Frank Egholm’s wonderful book – Easy Wood Carving for Children – is packed full of more than 50 whittling projects for both new and experienced wood carvers alike. It has lots of practical tips on safe carving techniques and handling...

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    Christmas Recommendations from Floris Books

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    Looking for the perfect book to gift at Christmas this year? We’re feeling rather festive here at Floris HQ, so we decided to put together a list of our top recommendations for the 2018 gifting season – books that we love, and that we’re sure you will too.   The House of Lost and...

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    #FlorisDesign meets Maja Dusíková

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    Santa Claus and the Christmas Surprise is a charming story, of hope and community spirit, beautifully illustrated by Maja Dusíková. We asked her about life as a children’s book illustrator, fairy tales, and Santa! Hi Maja, thanks for talking to us today. We’d love to hear about how you became a children’s book illustrator. It all...

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