• Learn how to make pompoms!

    by  • 5 August 2020 • 0 Comments

    Getting creative with crafts is a great way to keep children entertained over the summer holidays. Creative Wool: Making Woollen Crafts with Children by Karin Neuschütz teaches you how to make a range of handicrafts together including toys, friendship bracelets and braids, balls, pompoms, dolls, dolls’ clothes and animals.  Here, we share step-by-step instructions...

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    Learn how to knit a little lamb!

    by  • 21 July 2020 • 0 Comments

    Spin a Scarf of Sunshine by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Stila Lim encourages young children to engage with the wool life cycle and understand the basics of traditional crafts of natural spinning, dyeing, knitting and gardening.  Here, Dawn shares with us step-by-step instructions for knitting a lamb of your own! A pattern for...

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    Uncovering the Secrets of Time and Number

    by  • 17 July 2020 • 0 Comments

    Rhythm and number underpin our lives, from the days of the week and the times of the day to the number of letters in the alphabet. But do we ever stop to consider the deeper meaning behind these every day realities?  A new combined edition of Wolfgang Held’s books’ Rhythms of the Week and...

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    Perfect Summer Picnic Snacks!

    by  • 25 June 2020 • 0 Comments

    With long, sunny (we hope!) days ahead, what better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a healthy, colourful summer picnic? Picnics are a great way to get children excited about food. It’s easy to let children help with the food preparation, especially since much of it can be done outdoors! We’ve...

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    Celebrate Midsummer with the Midsummer Tomte!

    by  • 19 June 2020 • 0 Comments

    Midsummer Eve is a national holiday in Sweden, second only to Christmas in importance. It’s traditionally celebrated between June 19 and 25, to mark the summer solstice. In Sweden, where the summers are so short and the long winters are so very dark, it’s particularly important to celebrate the longest and lightest day of...

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    Stories, Poems and Meditations

    by  • 17 June 2020 • 0 Comments

    Karl König (1902-66) was well-known as a physician, author and lecturer. He began his work at the Institute of Embryology at the University of Vienna but fled in 1938 after the Nazi annexation of Austria. In 1940 he founded the Camphill Movement in Scotland. Based on the educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner, the special...

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    Learn how to craft a felt piglet!

    by  • 10 June 2020 • 0 Comments

    Discover how to craft a felt piglet with the help of our step-by-step instructions taken from Crafting a Felt Farm: A Waldorf Project for All Ages by Rotraud Reinhard. This project is for suitable for older children and beginners, but if you are entirely new to felting, there are many introductory videos online to...

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