• Biodynamic Gardening Calendar App: Planting with Moon Rhythms

    by  • 6 July 2023 • 0 Comments

    Do you want to grow plentiful, better quality fruit, vegetables and flowers? Our Biodynamic Gardening Calendar: Planting with Moon Rhythms (App Store and Google Play) app is here to help. Whether you’re growing in a garden or on an allotment, small-holding or farm, and looking to adopt an environmentally-friendly and sustainable approach, this app...

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    Perfect Summer Picnic Snacks!

    by  • 8 June 2023 • 0 Comments

    With long, sunny (we hope!) days ahead, what better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a healthy, colourful summer picnic? Picnics are a great way to get children excited about food. It’s easy to let children help with the food preparation, especially since much of it can be done outdoors! We’ve...

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    Celebrate Midsummer with the Midsummer Tomte!

    by  • 22 May 2023 • 0 Comments

    Midsummer Eve is a national holiday in Sweden, second only to Christmas in importance. It’s traditionally celebrated between June 19 and 25, to mark the summer solstice. In Sweden, where the summers are so short and the long winters are so very dark, it’s particularly important to celebrate the longest and lightest day of...

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    Biodynamic Gardening For Beginners

    by  • 28 April 2023 • 0 Comments

    Any gardener who already works with biodynamics will tell you the difference it has made to their garden. From crispier lettuce to more intensely-flavoured onions, biodynamics is a great way to get your garden to produce tasty, nutrient-packed fruit and vegetables, plus more vibrant and plentiful flowers.  But what is biodynamic gardening? Our friends...

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    Easter Crafting with Kids

    by  • 31 March 2023 • 0 Comments

    As the Easter holidays approach, the weather is definitely getting warmer, and we’ve seen hints of spring sunshine. But here in the UK, we all know that good weather is never guaranteed! So how do you keep the kids entertained when the sunshine doesn’t come out to play? Read on for some lovely crafty...

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    I Will Swim Next Time: Meet the author

    by  • 2 March 2023 • 0 Comments

    We chat to African-diaspora author, education expert and mum, Emily Joof, author of our gorgeous picture book I Will Swim Next Time – a gentle yet powerful story about taking time and listening to yourself, with warm and vibrant illustrations from Matilda Ruta. Why did you write this book? What inspired it? I grew...

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    Be More Dog: Meet the author and art director

    by  • 13 February 2023 • 0 Comments

    Be More Dog is a funny and heart-warming picture book about finding joy in the simplest things. With uplifting text from Caroline Crowe and engaging, lively illustrations from Carlos Vélez, this feel-good story celebrates the connection between children and pets and encourages us all to be more dog! To celebrate the release of Be...

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