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    At Floris Books we love bookshops and we greatly appreciate all the work that bookshops and booksellers do to bring our books to our readers. We’re launching a series of blog posts shining a spotlight on some of the specialist bookshops we work with, starting with Rudolf Steiner Bookshop, London.

    We spoke to the bookshop manager, Elizabeth Reeves, to find out about the books they sell, what makes their shop distinctive and what their customers are looking for in the shop.

    Can you tell us about the bookshop and the range of books you sell?

    The bookshop opened in the spring of 1932. It is 91 years old!

    We’re known for selling books written by Rudolf Steiner, but we also sell books by authors who have been inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy, as well as books by fellow kindred spirits, such as the great philosophers and thinkers. Our bestselling book is Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment by Rudolf Steiner. We also sell books by current writers who look beyond a superficial and materialistic view of the world.

    Our shop is fully accessible, child friendly and we welcome pets.

    Share three interesting facts about the bookshop

    1. We have the widest range of books by Rudolf Steiner in Great Britain
    2. We are committed to selling eco friendly toys thereby supporting a number of small charities who support marginalised workers
    3. We promote local authors and artists – including the selling of the second book in the UK to be certified vegan with the Vegan Society‘s Vegan Trademark. The ink used for printing the book is made entirely from vegetable inks. It is not always the case as inks sometimes include animal products

    What bookshop events or conferences at RS House do you have coming up that you’d like to highlight?

    You can find a full list of forthcoming conferences and events on our website here. We have a calendar of changing events covering a wide variety of topics from eurythmy to meditation and biodynamic gardening. We welcome curious newcomers.

    Is there anything else you’d like to share?

    We continue to receive wonderful comments from passers-by such as – ‘you have such an incredible selection of books’, ‘in most bookshops you have to look for the good books – all your books are good’, and ‘you have thinking books’. Please do pop in for a visit!

    Our new website for the shop is live now! Visit us online here.

    Visit Rudolf Steiner Bookshop at 35 Park Road, London, NW1 6XT. Tel: 020 7724 7699. Find them online here.


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