• How to make Swedish Snowflake Christmas baubles

    by  • 18 November 2013 • 1 Comment

    Looking for a little Christmas inspiration? Here at Floris we’ve obsessed with all things Scandinavian at this time of year – decorations, gifts and festive stories – so we’d like to share one of our favourite Christmas crafts from our new book A Swedish Christmas. These beautiful Swedish snowflake ornaments, which are made out...

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    Sore throats and snuffly noses: get ready for winter with A Guide to Child Health

    by  • 7 November 2013 • 0 Comments

    A Guide to Child Health cove

    A Guide to Child Health, now available in a fourth revised edition, is the go-to guide for parents looking for a more holistic approach to raising healthy children. Based on Dr Michaela Glockler’s and Dr Wolfgang Goebel’s twenty years experience treating children, it’s packed full with helpful holistic tips and up-to-date medical advice. So...

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    Galileo Galilei

    by  • 1 November 2013 • 0 Comments

    Floris publishes a range of books which explore our physical world, from sustainability and alternative science to astronomy. One of our most popular titles in this range is the Stargazers’ Almanac. This post is adapted from the 2014 edition. Galileo Galilei Adapted from the feature article in the Stargazers’ Almanac 2014 Next year will...

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    Steiner-Waldorf Education: FAQs

    by  • 30 October 2013 • 0 Comments

    Floris publish and distribute the widest selection of Steiner-Waldorf education books in the UK, including books for Waldorf teachers and books on special education. Our latest book in this range is Waldorf Kindergartens Today, a valuable overview of modern Waldorf kindergartens for both teachers and parents. See our full list of Steiner-Waldorf education books...

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    How To Make a Warm, Woollen Scarf for a Wintery Day

    by  • 14 October 2013 • 0 Comments

    With the weather getting more wintery by the minute, we at Floris found ourselves in need of something pretty yet practical to keep our necks warm. So we decided to make these gorgeous scarves from Ute Fischer’s Weaving with Children book. Here’s how: Materials and Tools • Scarf mesh, black, 1.5 metres (just over...

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    Introducing KelpiesTeen

    by  • 10 October 2013 • 0 Comments

    KelpiesTeen logo

    Floris Books is excited to announce the expansion of our Kelpies list with the introduction of KelpiesTeen, a brand new range of quality Scottish fiction for young teens! In spring 2014 we’ll publish the first four books in the new KelpiesTeen range, which is aimed at readers aged 11 to 14. The exciting novels...

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    Floris Commended in Scottish Publisher of the Year Award

    by  • 26 August 2013 • 0 Comments

    Many of the Floris Team celebrate Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the Year 2013 Commendation

    It is a thrill to announce that Floris Books have been Commended in the Scottish Publisher of the Year Award 2013! We were shortlisted, alongside five other publishers, in early August for the Saltire Scottish Publisher of the Year Award, which is initiated and administered by the Saltire Society and supported by Creative Scotland...

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