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    With everyone spending more time at home just now we thought you might appreciate some new ideas for crafting with your kids. Here, we share a selection of fun activities for you to get started!

    Ladybirds from Paper Folding with Children

    You will need:
    • Red origami paper, 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in)
    • Black felt-tip pen

    Step One

    1. Fold and unfold the paper in half horizontally and vertically so that the creases form a cross. Cut along the lines to make four small squares: each one will make a ladybug or ladybird.

    Step Two

    2. Place a small square down in front of you, red side down. Fold in half diagonally in one direction, then unfold. Now fold in half diagonally in the other direction to make a triangle, pointing downwards.

    Step Three

    3. To make the wings, fold the left and right corners down almost to the centre line (leave a gap so there is a space between the wings!). Then turn the figure over.

    Step Four

    4. To make the ladybug’s head, fold the top corner down to meet the centre. Next, fold it back upwards slightly so that the tip pokes out above the top line as shown.

    5. Turn the ladybug over. Colour the head black and add dots to the wings using a felt-tip pen.

    Repeat with the other three squares and you’ll have a family of ladybugs ready to fly away home!

    Make a balloon boat from Earth, Water, Fire and Air

    Water and air can play together in this little boat that is driven by a balloon. Tie a straw or tube to the balloon, blow it up and the escaping air will propel the boat forwards with a great bubbling of water.

    Make a windwheel

    You need a square tough piece of paper. Cut in at the four corners diagonally and fold over the four flaps. With a pin pierce each of the four flaps as well as the centre. Insert the pin through a bead to act as a spacer and push the pin into a stick. Then the wind wheel is ready. It will turn in the wind itself. When there is no wind a child can run with it, holding it up in the air and it will turn too.

    Head over to our website for more inspiration on books to help you and your family get crafting!


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