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Founded in 1976, Floris Books is an award-winning independent publishing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are the leading publisher of Steiner-Waldorf books in the UK, and the largest publisher of children's books in Scotland. You can now find our books sold throughout the world. Discover our story here.

Floris Books specialises in publishing non-fiction that is explicitly connected to the Steiner-Waldorf or anthroposophical communities. If you have written a book that fits this description, visit our Submission Guidelines page for more information.

We also run the Kelpies Prizes for new children's writers based in Scotland – if this sounds like you, click here to find out more.

We are not accepting children's book submissions outwith the Kelpies Prizes, unless we have invited you to submit your work, you are a literary agent or you are an international publisher. If you're looking for advice on writing or illustrating for children, click here to find out about some useful organisations.