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What Floris can do for you

Thank you for considering Floris Books for your manuscript.

We are a small team with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and expertise on our specialist subjects. We publish a wide range of books including adult non-fiction, picture books and children's novels.

We believe in a collaborative approach with our authors, working strongly together. Writers write and publishers publish: let's do what we're good at.

Why work with a publisher?

These days a lot of people are choosing to self-publish, either in print or online, rather than work with a traditional publisher. But before you decide, why not consider what publishers can do for you and your book.

We think that there are loads of advantages to working with a traditional publisher, including:

  • Access to professional expertise, from editorial advice to cover designers and marketing specialists
  • Making you really think about your book - it's an editor's job to challenge and inspire authors to create the best book possible
  • More than 150,000 new books were published in the UK in the last year. Having a publisher is the best way to make sure that your book gets the attention it deserves
  • There are never enough hours in the day. Being an author can be a full-time job, and publishers help by designing, promoting and selling the book so you can spend more time doing what you love - writing!
  • Publishers know what they're doing. We publish lots of books each year, and often on similar subjects, so we can tell when a cover design or a blurb will work, and when it won't

Why work with Floris Books?

Now you're convinced that working with a publisher is for you, why choose Floris?

  • As a small dedicated team, we can give lots of time and personal attention to authors and their books
  • You'll get to know us - and we're pretty nice! Many of our authors work with the same editor, designer and marketeer for several books. We're always at the end of the phone for a chat and love when our authors come to visit our office
  • We talk to each other - we have a weekly team meeting and regular chats over a cuppa about our books so all our departments know what is happening with your book
  • Floris has been going a long time (over 30 years) and is growing all the time. We started with two men at a kitchen table and now we've got a bustling office
  • We have wonderful partnerships with distributors all over the world, from the US, to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, so that your book will go further
  • We don't stand still - we love new challenges and work really hard to make sure we are up-to-date on new techniques, technologies and trends
  • Floris takes pride in producing quality books because we know that the quality of your writing should be matched by high-quality production and design
  • But most of all, we know our stuff - we publish into a lot of specialist areas, and we know how to edit, design, market and sell those books - and we'd love to read yours

What's next?

If you think you'd like to publish your book with Floris, visit our Submission Guidelines page to find out how to submit your work. If you have any questions about who Floris are, you can visit our About Us page.

Finally, our author relationships are based on mutual respect, and an open and honest partnership. We will be clear on what is expected of an author, and we will admit what we can't do. We look forward to working with you.

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