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Why work with a publisher?

These days a lot of people are choosing to self-publish, either in print or online, and it can be a good option for many writers. But before you decide, why not consider what publishers can do for you and your book, including:

  • Access to professional expertise, from editorial advice to cover designers and marketing specialists.
  • Making you really think about your book – it's an editor's job to challenge and inspire authors to create the best book possible.
  • We take pride in producing beautiful books with high-quality production and design.
  • We have excellent contacts with the UK book trade. Having a publisher is the best way to make sure that your book gets the attention it deserves.
  • We have wonderful partnerships with distributors from the US to Australia, and with rights agencies and other publishers around the world, so your book will be read widely and possibly translated into other languages.
  • Being an author or illustrator can be a full-time job, and publishers help by designing, promoting and selling your book so you can spend more time creating.
  • We publish lots of books each year, often in specialist areas and for similar readerships, so we know how to edit, design, market and sell those books.
  • Finally, we are a small, dedicated team who give lots of time and attention to authors, illustrators and their books. Our relationships with creatives are based on mutual respect, and an open and honest partnership.

What's next?

If you'd like to publish your book with Floris, visit our Submission Guidelines page to find out if your work fits one of our specialist areas of publishing and how to submit your work. If you have any questions about who Floris are, you can visit our About Us page.