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Submission guidelines

Please note that due to Covid-19 the Floris Books office is currently closed and we will be slower to respond to submissions than usual. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Thank you for considering publication with Floris Books. We are a small team, publishing very specific types of books. We can only read and respond to submissions that meet our guidelines, outlined below.

Children's Books

If you are a children's book author or illustrator based in Scotland please consider entering our Kelpies Prizes. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept general children's book submissions. See below for some recommendations of organisations who support children's book creatives in Scotland.

Non-fiction for the Steiner-Waldorf and anthroposophic community

Children's Books

If you are resident in Scotland and writing or illustrating for children please consider entering our Kelpies Prizes. The deadline for entries to the Kelpies Prizes 2022 is 5pm, 29 February!

We have reluctantly decided to close our general submissions for children's books, which means we won't be able to read or reply to your proposal, unless:

  • we have invited you to submit your work
  • you are a literary agent
  • you are an international publisher

Some useful organisations

If you're looking for advice on writing or illustrating for children, we would highly recommend that you explore some of these organisations, which all have strong links with the publishing world:

  • Publishing Scotland has an excellent page of advice for writers interested in publication, with links to lots of useful organisations.
  • Scottish Book Trust is a wonderful charity that supports reading and writing in Scotland, and offers lots of opportunities for writers.
  • The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators has regional groups and welcomes creatives, both published and yet-to-be published.
  • The Scottish BPOC Writers Network provides advocacy, literary events and professional development opportunities for BPOC writers based in or from Scotland.
  • You can find a comprehensive list of UK agents in the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, which is available in most libraries, bookshops and online. We are introduced to lots of new writers and illustrators by agents, who can offer valuable advice and representation.

Non-fiction for the Steiner-Waldorf and anthroposophic community

We welcome book proposals that draw on the work of Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy, including:

  • Steiner-Waldorf education, home schooling, early years and kindergartens
  • Christian Community life, theology and spirituality
  • Biodynamic and organic farming, gardening and wine making
  • Steiner-Waldorf crafts and activities with children
  • Anthroposophical parenting and child development
  • Anthroposophical health and wellbeing
  • Online portfolios from artists from the Steiner-Waldorf and anthroposophic community

We do not publish general non-fiction. If you cannot state how your work relates to Rudolf Steiner, the Steiner-Waldorf community or anthroposophy, we will not be able to read or reply to your work.

How to submit Steiner-Waldorf or anthroposophic work

Author submissions should include:

  1. A brief synopsis
  2. An introduction and/or table of contents
  3. The first three chapters of your book
  4. A brief biography that outlines how you are qualified to write this book, including previous publications, your connection to the Steiner-Waldorf or anthroposophic community, relevant work or academic experience, membership of appropriate organisations, etc.

Illustrator submissions should include:

  1. A link to your online portfolio/social media page displaying your work
  2. A brief biography including previous publications, your connection to the Steiner-Waldorf or anthroposophic community, any relevant awards, qualifications and experience

How to send it!

  • Please submit your work via our online form. We don't accept submissions by email and our office is currently closed due to the pandemic, so we cannot accept submissions by post. You will need a Google account in order to submit online. If you don't have one, you can easily set one up for free.
  • Please allow at least three months for a response. If you haven't heard from us after this time you can email us with your name and the title of your submission.
  • Please note: We are not currently accepting unsolicited children's manuscripts or illustrator portfolios other than entries to the Kelpies Prizes.
  • If your submission doesn't meet our guidelines, we are unable to respond.