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    #FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Matthew Land

    by  • 3 June 2015 • Children's Books, Design and Illustration, Floris Design, Traditional Scottish Tales • 0 Comments

            Illustrator of…   Today with #FlorisDesign, we’re chatting with Matthew Land, the illustrator of Theresa Breslin’s dramatic tale The Dragon Stoorworm, about his work and creative processes. Hi Matthew! Thanks for talking to us. We were wondering where you looked for inspiration when you started your illustrations for The Dragon Stoorworm? Theresa’s...

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    Dragons, Selkies and Fairy Princes

    by  • 11 December 2014 • Children's Books, Design and Illustration, Traditional Scottish Tales • 0 Comments

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, three talented young illustrators were paired up with three award winning Scottish authors and storytellers to create Picture Kelpies’ Traditional Scottish Tales. People traveled from miles around to visit their local bookshops and marvel at the wondrous books that had been created. Some even...

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