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    With children spending more and more time glued to screens these days, whittling or wood carving is the perfect way for creative and crafty kids to reconnect with the world around them in a practical and more meaningful way. This traditional hobby is easy to learn, fun to do, and almost everything you need to start your first whittling project is free and right outside your door – which makes it cheap and eco-friendly as well!

    Easy Wood Carving for Children is packed full of more than 50 whittling projects for both new and experienced wood carvers alike. It has lots of practical tips on safe carving techniques and handling tools properly, and demonstrates the many creative possibilities of working with wood.

    It’s great for children to be able to use the objects they create! These pencils are simple to make and can be decorated as much or as little as each child would like, perfect for making in class or individually. Children can use their new pencils to write about how they got on.


    Materials and Tools

    • A branch 1-1.5cm in diameter and the same length as the pencil lead.

    • Pencil lead at least 2mm in diameter and ideally 3-5mm as it will be less likely to break. You can buy lead and coloured pencil leads in most craft and art stores.

    • A drill the same diameter as the pencil lead.

    • Whittling knife.

    • Paint for decoration (optional).


    1. Clamp the branch to a table or bench and drill a hole for the pencil as far as the drill reaches.

    2. Carefully push the pencil lead into the hole.  If you use fresh branches the pencil lead will sit tight once the branch has dried and shrunk.

    3. Carve figures or patterns while the branch is still fresh.

    4. Once the pencil lead fits securely, whittle the tip.  Work carefully so you don’t whittle away too much of the pencil lead.

    5. Paint or decorate however you like.

    About the Book

    Easy Wood Carving For Children includes 180 colour illustrations and easy to follow step by step instructions to create everything from a tumbling tower game and dolphin necklace, to coat hooks and picture frames.

    Why not have a go yourself and let us know how you did on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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