The Ecstasies of St Francis

The Way of Lady Poverty

John R. Haule

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Offers a deeper understanding of St Francis and his spiritual life.

234 x 156 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Religion & Spirituality; Mind, Body, Spirit
192 pages
Publication date:
30 Sep 2004


In this fascinating account of St Francis' inner life, Haule, a Jungian analyst and student of Hindu Tantra, shows that, like tantrikas, Francis relentlessly pursued the most disturbing experiences in life to achieve higher states of consciousness -- ecstasies in which he stood outside his ordinary self while contemplating and living a higher reality. Francis embraced poverty and sorrows, cared for lepers and outcasts, begged for his bread.

Fascinated early on by romantic and troubadour literature, Francis took 'Lady Poverty' as his guide, walking her path to change the world. She demanded that he change his whole nature, and he became the saint known today. Haule tells the story of Francis' life from this point of view and looks at the path of Lady Poverty, trying to understand what Francis meant by 'perfect joy'. He also examines Francis' daily practice of prayer and meditation, the states of consciousness he achieved, and how these bore fruit in his daily life.

This is an important book for a deeper understanding of St Francis and his spiritual life.


'This book is a window on St Francis' spiritual practice -- not just about his greatness, but how he got there. Fascinating, illuminating and inspiring. I recommend it as a reminder of where we should be heading.'
-- Oliver Perceval, Light, Summer 2005

'Builds up a vivid picture of Francesco's spiritual practices and their resulting states of consciousness. The book gives the reader a glimpse into the intensity of his iner life.'
-- Scientific & Medical Network Review, Spring 2005

'An exciting new reflection on the charisma of Francis of Assisi. This book is an antidote to much of the tired repetitive contemporary writing on Christian mysticism and spirituality. Not to be missed!'
-- Emma Shackle, The Christian Parapsychologist, March 2005

'Just when I thought there was nothing more I could know about St Francis, this lovely book fell into my hands. John Haule brings together good Franciscan history, excellent psychology, and a profound understanding of spirituality in one "ecstatic" study. Read and be satisfied.'
-- Fr. Richard Rohr OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque

'There seems to be an inexhaustible interest in St Francis and as many lenses for seeing him as there are writers and artists who engage his simple, yet complex, personality. John Ryan Haule views Francis from within his own Jungian consciousness, enriched by Buddhist and Muslim mysticism. The result is a rich, multidimensional portrait of the transformation of the Saint of Assisi, one that many twenty-first century readers will relate to.'
-- Murray Bodo OFM, author of Landscape of Prayer and The Way of St. Francis


John R. Haule is a Jungian analyst. He is the author of Divine Madness, The Love Cure and Perils of the Soul.

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