• Make your own bath salts

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    These jars of fragrant, skin-softening bath salts make a lovely bath-time treat and wonderful presents for Christmas! They’re also lots of fun to make together as a family.

    From The Connected Family Handbook

    You will need

    • Glass jar and lid
    • Magnesium bath salts (Epsom salts)
    • Dried flowers such as rose petals, chamomile or lavendar
    • Dried coconut milk powder
    • Some drops of essential oil (optional)


    • Spread out all the ingredients and show children how to layer the salts, milk powder and flowers in their jar using scoops and spoons. You may need a funnel for narrow jars or bottles. Make sure most of the layers are salts.
    • If you’re giving these as gifts, decorate your jar.
    • When running a bath, sprinkle in, trying to include a little bit of everything!
    • If moisture gets into the bath salts or the flowers are a little wet, the bath salts can go mouldy over time, so keep dry and use as soon as possible. If salts are sealed and there is no added moisture they will last for up to a year.

    This activity is taken from The Connected Family Handbook by Lou Harvey-Zahra and Danielle Harbison, where you’ll find lots of easy-to-follow activities and helpful advice to grow family rhythm and connection with toddlers to ten year olds in mind.

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