• Easter Crafting with Kids

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    As the Easter holidays approach, the weather is definitely getting warmer, and we’ve seen hints of spring sunshine. But here in the UK, we all know that good weather is never guaranteed! So how do you keep the kids entertained when the sunshine doesn’t come out to play? Read on for some lovely crafty ideas from Spring and Summer Activities Come Rain or Shine.

    Nature Nests

    Add some extra fun to your Easter egg hunt by making nests to hide the eggs in!

    • Start by collecting a variety of natural materials, such as plant tendrils, bendy twigs (willow and clematis work well), moss, lichen and straw.
    • Twist and weave plant tendrils and twigs together in circles. TIP: the more intricate the twisting, the better the nests will hold their shape.
    • Once you have your basic nest shape, thread wire through the structure to make it more stable (younger children will need help with this).
    • Weave twigs across the hole at the base of your nest, and line it with moss and lichen.
    • To make a nest out of hay, take a fat ball of hay or straw and pull it apart in the centre. Wind some wire around it to make the shape strong.

    Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

    Pressed flowers are a simple and beautiful way to decorate Easter eggs to fill your nests!

    • Gather flowers from your garden, make sure they are clean and dry.
    • Find a heavy book and open it near the middle. Line one page with greaseproof paper then plain paper, and put the flowers on top. On top of the flowers, add another sheet of plain paper followed by greaseproof. Close the book to squash the flowers between the pages. The greaseproof paper will protect the book from any moisture that might come out of the flowers.
    • Place the book underneath a few other heavy books and leave them for up to four weeks. Smaller flowers may take less time than larger ones. You can check by gently peeling away the edge of the papers to see if the flowers are dry. Once you’re sure the flowers are ready, gently peel away the rest of the paper.
    • Carefully stick the flowers to hard-boiled eggs with glue.

    Magic Wool Easter Bunnies

    Learn to make these absolutely adorable bunnies from unspun sheeps wool with our Instructable.

    For more craft projects to try with children, see our full selection of craft and activity books! Happy Easter!




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