• Fun with Maths Puzzles, Games and More: A Resource Book for Steiner-Waldorf Teachers

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    Fun with Maths Puzzles, Games and More is an inspirational and easy-to-use resource book for teachers who want to add interest and engagement to maths lessons. Part of the acclaimed Making Maths Meaningful series, this book is a useful resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of classes 4 – 12.

    Here, we share some of the puzzles from the book for you to test your maths skills and share with your class!

    Class Four Puzzle

    1.Stacey rides the bus every day back and forth from her house to her work.

    How much did she have to pay for riding the bus last month, if she worked 18 days, and the cost to ride the bus is £1.40 per one-way trip?

    Class Five Puzzle

    2. Jen owns an apple orchard. Yesterday, her farm harvested 42,000 apples.

    If each apple weighs 140g on average, what is the total weight of the apples, and how many boxes are needed if each box holds 30kg?

    Class Six Puzzle

    3. Each of my daughters has as many sisters as brothers, but each of my sons has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many sons and daughters do I have?

    Class Seven Puzzle

    4. Tickets at a concert cost £8 for section A and £4.25 for section B.
    In total, 4500 tickets were sold, worth £30,000.

    How many of each type of tickets were sold?

    Class Eight Puzzle

    5. At a convention, every person shakes hands once with every other person. If there were a total of 120 handshakes, how many people must there have been?

    Upper School Puzzle

    6. The following is an ancient riddle about the Greek mathematician Diophantus.

    Diophantus passed one sixth of his life in childhood, one twelfth in youth, and one seventh more as a bachelor. Five years after his marriage, his son was born.

    How old was Diophantus when he died if his son died four years earlier and lived to be half as old as his father did?

    How do you think you got on?

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