• Warming apple recipes for the autumn

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    With autumn in full swing, there is an abundance of apples in supermarkets and maybe even in your garden! These warming apple recipes from Autumn Nature Activities for Children make perfect sweet treats as the days get colder.

    Try these baked apples or apple pancakes this autumn. Or, prepare apple jam to enjoy all through the winter.

    Baked apples

    Use one large apple per person.

    Core the apples almost all the way through, leaving a little of the apple at the bottom to make a cavity.

    Fill the cavity with nuts, honey and cinnamon, and top with a pat of butter

    Bake in a buttered pan with a little water for about 2 hours at 150°C/325°F or until the apples are tender. They taste particularly delicious baked on an open fire.

    Apple pancakes (20 children)Apple Recipes - baked apples

    To make the batter: mix together 400g (1 pound) of fresh ground whole-wheat flour, four eggs, 1 litre of milk, and 2 teaspoons of salt.

    Core 500g (1 pound) of apples and cut into small pieces. Put a little oil in a hot frying pan, then a ladle of batter. Sprinkle with apple pieces. Flip the pancake after a few minutes to cook the other side.

    Jam for the winter larder

    • 1kg (2 pounds) fruit You can use apples, or any other fruit you have!
    • 750g (1.75 pounds) granulated/preserving sugar

    Wash the fruit and remove seeds and stones. Cut into small pieces.

    Put into a large, shallow saucepan and slowly bring to the boil. Gradually add the sugar.

    Cook, stirring, for about thirty minutes until enough liquid has boiled off to thicken the jam. Test on a spoon for thickness and taste.

    Pour the hot jam into hot sterilized jars with screw tops.

    About the book

    Autumn Nature Activities is packed full of fun indoor and outdoor activities for autumn that will help children engage with the season and learn practical new skills. As well as picking and cooking fruit, this tried and tested guide includes basket-making, building houses and shelters, looking after birds, working with beeswax and making paper.

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