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    With us for #FlorisDesign is the pencil-and-paintbrush wielding Viking and illustrator Richard Morgan who will be doing a quick-fire interview with us about his work on Thorfinn the Nicest Viking. Today is a special day as we’re able to show you for the first time the covers for the series about Thorfinn, the nicest and politest, jam-making Viking in all of Indgar, his village and some of the hilarious illustrations that Richard has worked on!


    Was there a mystical training school where you learned your artistry?

    I trained at Valhalla high, alongside Thor who was always a little naughty in class.

    Thorfinn doing dishes!Surely not this Thorfinn!

    More like accidentally naughty. Thorfinn is always finding himself in all sorts of hilarious incidents! Do you have a favourite character from the series that you like to draw?

    Thorfinn, of course!


    scones!Thorfinn giving his best shot for Great British Bake Off here!
    Even Vikings can’t resist.

    It’s hard to resist picking Thorfinn especially with baking skills good enough for Great British Bake Off! How about inspiration for the series, where did you look for research for your Viking characters?

    I spend a lot of spare time wandering around museums looking at Viking and Celtic art.


    No better place! One day you could even have a place in amongst the Viking art, with your bestowed Viking name of ‘Richard the Picture-Conqueror’! When did you decide that you wanted to conquer children’s illustration?

    I started illustrating books in 1996 so I could live in Devon with my one true love.


    Lovely! I think Thorfinn would swoon for that answer. Is there anywhere that you particularly like to work?

    I’d like to work sitting on the deck of a long boat but I make do with my studio.

    photo1A sneak peak into Richard’s work space! Can you spot Thorfinn!


    Long boat is a great aspiration for the future if you do any remodeling! We’re curious to hear how you prefer to work digitally or traditionally?



    The Thorfinn books are full of wonderfully hysterical sketches! Other than Vikings, what’s your favourite thing to draw?

    I love drawing people of all shapes and sizes.

    thorfinn + vikingsThe Vikings of Indgar prove that best of all,  from the wise to the tall!


    Now we have some Viking related questions, the only thing you have to try and remember when answering is ‘What would Thorfinn do’ and perhaps then correct that to what would Thorfinn’s best friend, Velda, do!

    velda nad thorfinn 2Velda and Thorfinn!

     What would you do if Viking raiders held your creative thoughts ransom and you get stuck on a brief?

    I mix up a strong healing drew taught to me by a Druid with milk and no sugar!!


    If you could enjoy a Viking feast with any children’s illustrator, who would it be and why?

    There are so many artists I admire that I would like them all to be there – what a night that would be!



    I know for us at #FlorisDesign, we would combat raiders AND hold large feasts with as many chocolate biscuits and cups of tea as possible!

    thorfinn tea



    thorfinnbookbannerRichard Morgan was born and raised by goblins on the Yorkshire moors. After running away to New Zealand to play with yachts and paint backgrounds for Disney TV he returned to the UK to write and illustrate children’s books. He now lives in Cambridge, England, and has a family of goblins of his own.


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