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    We were sorry to learn of the recent death of bookshop manager and long-time Floris Books friend and supporter Wain Farrants. Wain studied psychology and mathematics at the University of Toronto and ran the bookshop at Camphill Botton Village in Yorkshire, England for many years until his death in January 2014. As well as running the bookshop, he also edited The Clockwise House System: A True Foundation for Sidereal and Tropical Astrology, published by Lindisfarne Books.

    The following letter was written by his good friend Christine Thompson, who runs the Camphill Bookshop in Aberdeen.

    I first got to know Wain in the 1980s through our respective bookshops. I had taken on the management of the Camphill Bookshop in 1981, it was established in 1956 by Maria Selinger (starting in a suitcase…!) Brian Ree was in charge of Botton Bookshop (which started in 1970 as a book cupboard). I cannot remember exactly when Wain became the manager, but he was certainly there in 1987 as I still have a copy of the Botton Bookshop catalogue which he produced. Ever since then (except for the time Wain spent in Ringwood Eurythmy School) we exchanged many enthusiastic and interesting conversations by telephone about books. He was always full of ideas and helpful suggestions, and if I had been asked for a book I didn’t know or have in the bookshop, Wain would almost invariably have a copy or two… and if not he would search for it. It was not unusual for the phone to ring late in the evening in my kitchen and when I answered I would hear, “it’s Wain”! He would be working, still in the bookshop sorting out orders… how I will miss hearing his voice.
    Wain also distributed the many beautiful art postcards produced in Switzerland by Raffael Verlag. Many people who come to Camphill Bookshop like to buy and them and often ask me where they come from.

    DorsanClockwiseWain was a font of knowledge in all areas of anthroposophical literature and will be sadly missed by his friends, customers and colleagues. We would like to welcome anyone who has been touched by Wain’s passing to leave a message of tribute below.


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