Nature Spirits and What They Say

Interviews with Verena Stael von Holstein

Edited by Wolfgang Weirauch

Out of print

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Nature spirits, including a fire-spirit, air-spirit and stone-spirit, speak of their involvement with the natural world.

234 x 154 mm
Floris Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
240 pages
Publication date:
28 Oct 2004


Verena Stael von Holstein has learned to see and speak to nature spirits. In this remarkable book, Wolfgang Weirauch interviews Verena, and through her we learn what fire-spirits, air-spirits, water-spirits and stone-spirits have to say -- as well as hearing from a glass-spirit, two house-spirits, a salt-spirit, a paper-spirit, and a silver-spirit!

The spirits speak about their involvement with nature, and their lack of contact with human beings. They tell of the secrets of the cosmos, and about humankind's past and future. They have views on the environment, on natural disasters, good and evil, and love and redemption.

The interviews, some with the spirits themselves, throw up beautiful, but sometimes disturbing, descriptions of our world.


'These conversations are insightful and uplifting. You won't view the physical world in the same way after you have read this book.'
-- Christy Korrow, Lilipoh, Winter 2005

'This is an amazing, exciting and very precious book. We have to change. Our thinking must widen to take in this amazing world and the life of spirit beings.'
-- Udo Steuck, Camphill Correspondence, March 2005

'Extends the reader's understanding about subtle processes within nature where humans appear as part of a continuum of other intelligences, whose very existence we deny.'
-- Scientific & Medical Network Review, Spring 2005

'It is a fascinating collection of conversations. More people are growing aware of nature beings [...] and feeling inspired to try and approach them. It is clearly essential that they do.'
-- Margaret Jonas, New View, Winter 2004/5

'Attractive. One of the strengths of this book lies in the way the author's world-view is changed by contact with the nature spirits. Like the editor, I was sceptical of "other people's contacts". However some of the insights revealed are impressive. The scope of the work is global; this is not just another self-help guide.'
-- Inner Light, Winter 2004

'Humans have been speaking to elemental beings since ancient times, but what is new here is the approach of the nature spirits themselves: they have a longing to speak to humans and to work together in many different projects. This book gives an insight into how that may be accomplished, for the benefit and healing of our world.'
-- Cynus Review, June 2007

'It is a fascinating insight into the elemental beings that some can perceive around us.'
-- Jane Stewart Adams, Paradigm Shift Magazine, May 2011


Born in 1953 in Flensburg, Germany, Wolfgang Weirauch studied politics, German literature and theology. He publishes Flensburger Hefte, an anthroposophical journal on topical issues.


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