The Solar Eclipse of 2017

Where and How to Best View It

Wolfgang Held; Translated by Christian von Arnim

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  • Provides detailed information on how best to see the 2017 solar eclipse
  • Includes maps to guide you to the best spot and tips for making the most of the eclipse

A wonderful little guide to the 2017 American solar eclipse, including the best places and exact times to experience it.

Floris Books
Astronomy; Philosophy of the Natural World
colour illustrations and maps
48 pages
Publication date:
30 Jan 2015


On Monday, August 21, 2017, there will be a solar eclipse of the sun visible from large parts of North America, from Oregon across to South Carolina. It will be the first total eclipse visible from mainland US since 1979, and there will not be a significant total eclipse in Europe until 2026. For many westerners, therefore, 2017 is the best opportunity for decades to view a solar eclipse.

Preparation is key to successfully observing an eclipse. This guide to the 2017 eclipse tells you the best places and exact times to see the eclipse (including detailed maps), as well as lots of tips on the best locations, safety equipment, and what to expect, minute by minute.

The awe-inspiring nature of experiencing a total eclipse cannot be underestimated. This invaluable book will help you make the most of those few precious minutes.


'All eclipse junkies will find this amazing little book invaluable. It is both practical but poetical, succinct but thorough. For the new recruit or aspiring eclipse observer, it will be a goldmine.'
-- Gnomon: Newsletter of the Association of Astronomy Education

'The only drawback to purchasing it is that you will be in severe danger of getting hooked.'
-- School Science Review

'Perhaps eclipse watchers should take a look at Held's book and use it to plant their next eclipse expedition. All you need are tickets, passport, money, and this book.'
-- The Observatory magazine

'Attractively presented and easy to follow.'
-- Popular Astrology magazine


Wolfgang Held was Director of the Kepler Observatory in Dornach, Switzerland. He is the editor of the annual Sternkalendar (Star-calendar) ephemeris, and is the author of Germany's bestselling book on the 1999 eclipse.

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