Dante's Revelation

A Study of the Life and Work of Dante Alighieri

Willem Frederik Veltman; Translated by Philip Mees

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  • A fascinating analysis of the life and work of Dante Alighieri, revealing the relevance of his work to modern readers
  • Explores the lingering impact of Roman culture, Dante's tormenting question on the justice of God, and the essence of the human being as key to Dante's most famous work, the Divine Comedy
  • An inspiring companion for readers looking to analyse Dante's work and how it can be considered in relation to society today

An insightful exploration of the writing and background of Dante Alighieri, revealing how the 13th century poet enables us to better understand our lives and the culture we live in today.

216 x 140 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Art & Literature; Mind, Body, Spirit
248 pages
Publication date:
25 Aug 2023


Dante Alighieri (1265 -- 1321) was an Italian poet, moral philosopher and political thinker best known for his poem the Divine Comedy. Even after seven centuries of historical development, the core of Dante's work is arguably more relevant today than ever.

With his Divine Comedy, the great poet wanted to open the eyes of his contemporaries to the realities of the spiritual world and to the consequences of how we choose to live our lives. He also fought for moral and social healing of society and culture and pointed to the source of all healing -- the living spirit.

In this insightful work Willem Frederik Veltman offers a concise overview of the Divine Comedy, followed by an exploration of the relevance of Dante today, an outline of the historical background of Dante's life and work, and consideration of Dante's prophecy of the coming of a redeemer.

An enlightening book which reveals how Dante's masterwork enables us to recognise and better understand our own lives and culture today.


Willem Frederik Veltman (1923 -- 2018) was born in The Hague, the Netherlands. He taught at the Waldorf school in The Hague for over 40 years and was active in the international Waldorf school movement. He is the author of numerous books on the history of culture.

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