The Spirit of Community: the Power of the Sacraments in The Christian Community

Ulrich Meier; Foreword by Matthias van Alstein


Quick Look

  • An insightful book which reveals how the seven sacraments of The Christian Community contribute to community building
  • Inspiring reading for those interested in deepening their understanding of the sacraments and looking to grow a more vibrant church community
  • Written by experienced Christian Community priest Ulrich Meier, author of numerous books on aspects of the sacraments and ethics

A thoughtful exploration of the seven sacraments of The Christian Community from an experienced priest, revealing how a stronger community connection can be formed through common worship.

Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
80 pages
Publication date:
23 Apr 2024


Modern society places great emphasis on the individual as a dynamic, creative force, free to pursue their own goals and ambitions. Despite this, people still long to be part of a community and form meaningful relationships with other human beings. One of the places this deeper connection can be found is in common worship.

In this thoughtful book, Ulrich Meier shows how each of the seven sacraments of The Christian Community contributes to community building. For instance, he explores how, through baptism, the community welcomes a new life on earth, aware of the life that was lived in spirit before birth; confirmation marks the transition from the close ties of parents and teachers to a wider community; and in sacramental consultation, individuals explore the relationship of their past actions to their future intentions.

This book is for people who wish to deepen their understanding of the sacraments, and help to build a more vibrant church community.


Ulrich Meier was born in Hamburg in 1960. He studied at the seminary in Stuttgart and was ordained as a priest of The Christian Community in 1990. After working in a congregation, Meier took over the management of the seminary in Hamburg in 2006. He is also the editor of Die Christengemeinschaft, the journal of The Christian Community, and author of a number of books on aspects of the sacraments and on ethics.

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