Little Sister Rabbit Gets Lost

Ulf Nilsson; Illustrated by Eva Eriksson; Translated by Susan Beard

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  • An enchanting story from celebrated Swedish author Ulf Nilsson and one of Europe's best-loved illustrators Eva Eriksson
  • Beautiful, hardback gift edition with a cloth spine
  • Perfect for families and young children to share

Little Sister Rabbit wants to have her own adventure without her brother telling her what to do. The classic Little Sister Rabbit stories are much-loved bestsellers in Sweden and can now be enjoyed by new generations in English.

216 x 235 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
19 Jan 2017


Little Sister Rabbit wants to have an adventure all by herself. She loves stamping in puddles, building boats and skimming stones without her clever big brother telling her what to do.

But she's having so much fun that she loses her way! Will Little Sister Rabbit be able to find her way home?

From the award-winning Swedish children's author, Ulf Nilsson, and one of Europe's best-loved illustrators, Eva Eriksson, comes this charmingly illustrated tale of independence and sibling love.

These classic Little Sister Rabbit stories are much-loved bestsellers in Sweden and can now be enjoyed by new generations in English. They are beautiful, full colour, hardback, gift editions with a cloth spine.


'This touching story about a caring family of rabbits is by an award-winning Swedish children's author and the drawings are by one of Europe's best-loved illustrators.'
-- Vermont Country Sampler

'This sweet simple tale will speak volumes to every child that has an older sibling and who, just sometimes, wants to do things alone. Learning to be independent is a huge part of growing up and it can be a bit scary, so being watched over by someone who loves you is not such a bad thing after all. Eva Eriksson's illustrations in shades of brown and mossy green are delightful.'
-- Carousel

' "He reached for her paw, and told her, in a gentle and comforting kind of way, that she must be more careful." This language is indicative of the calmly sweet character of the text. The delicately evocative illustrations, in a quiet green, brown, and gold palette, feature amusing little touches, such as the frogs who watch the young rabbit as she skims her stone. This import from Sweden via Scotland, originally published in 1987, is joined by a companion of similar vintage, Little Sister Rabbit and the Fox. Whether read during the day or at bedtime, this consoling story of adventure, getting lost, and sibling rescue will create good feelings.'
-- Kirkus

'The last line in the book in which he [Sister Rabbit's brother] doesn't fuss at her but simply cautions her gently to be careful in the future lets readers know that Little Sister Rabbit isn't scarred for life from her adventures and that she will venture forth once again, but maybe with a little bit more carefulness and attention to her surroundings. After all, things could have come to a very bad end. The illustrations in the book are quite visually attractive and show all the activities in which Little Sister Rabbit has engaged.'
-- GoodReads

'Eva Eriksson's palette of primrose yellow, soft brown and pale green, all framed with a sky-blue cloth binding, give this book the delicious feel of a springtime gift -- like an Easter egg tied with a blue ribbon. [...] Ulf Nilsson's text put me in mind of the Shirley Hughes' books my children and I adored when they were very young. Like Hughes, Nilsson has a real insight into the tiny details, often overlooked by adults, which toddlers find fascinating. [...] Singly, or together as a pair, the Little Sister Rabbit books make a lovely gift -- as a spring birthday present, or as a gift for Easter-time.'
-- Armadillo

'Little Sister Rabbit Gets Lost and Little Sister Rabbit and the Fox really appealed to my grandchild's sense of humour. We both giggled at the wonderful illustrations and thoroughly enjoyed the stories.'
-- Kindling

'A Swedish classic reminiscent of the world of Beatrix Potter. Sepia tones with softly muted hues from Eva Eriksson create an old-fashioned playfulness when Little Sister's wandering takes her away from the burrow until she's maybe wishing Big Brother was with her after all.'
-- Foreword Reviews

'First published in Swedish thirty years ago, this enchanting tale of Little Sister Rabbit's expedition is perfect for story sessions with very young children. [...] Eva Eriksson's drawings and use of muted watercolour create an endearing protagonist and vividly expresses all her moods – from abandoned joy to quivering fear, desolation and relief. Highly recommended for reading aloud.'
-- School Library Association

'Pair this title with Beatrix Potter's books for a roundup of gentle offerings that are part cautionary tale, part adventure and end with the comfort and safety of home and family. Its folksy, classic picture book charm makes it just right for one-on-one sharing.'
-- School Library Journal

'The books are short, with gentle illustrations that include interesting details. [...] The books might be good with a 'stranger danger' type unit.'
-- School Library Connection

'A beautiful, warm story evolves, perfect for gentle read-aloud.'
-- Midwest Book Review


Ulf Nilsson (1948-2021) was a multi-award-winning Swedish author who wrote nearly 140 children's books. He won the renowned August prize twice -- the only children's author to do so -- and the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 2006. For many years he was president of the Swedish Academy for Children's Books.

Eva Eriksson was born in Halmstad in 1949 and is a graduate of Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. She is one of Europe's best-loved children's illustrators, and has worked with Ulf Nilsson, Margaret Strömstedt, Rose Lagercrantz, and Eva Bexell, among others. She is especially well-known in Sweden for illustrating Barbo Lindgren's successful Max series. Eva Eriksson's work has been recognised with many awards, and in 2001 she was the recipient of the Astrid Lindgren Prize. She lives and works in Dwell, near Stockholm.

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