Free from Dogma

Theological Reflections in the Christian Community

Tom Ravetz

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How does The Christian Community, which doesn't demand adherence to a doctrine or creed, answer the great spiritual and religious questions?

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Religion & Spirituality
144 pages
Publication date:
26 Mar 2009


The Christian Community is a religious movement which draws on the help and inspiration of Rudolf Steiner. One way in which it differs from other churches is that it does not demand adherence to any creed or view of the world from its members.

Nevertheless, spiritual, philosophical and religious questions arise, and by thinking about and discussing them, members can become part of the spiritual conversation that has been underway for the last 2000 years, since human beings have grappled to understand what they experience in Jesus Christ.

This book, the first of its kind to explore the theology of The Christian Community in a systematic way, asks such questions and offers many insights into religious life and experience. In the first half, Tom Ravetz addresses questions about God, the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Holy Spirit and evil. In the second half, he traces humanity's journey from oneness, to multiplicity, and to a new oneness through community.


'Anyone familiar with the sacraments of the Christian Community will resonate with much of what is written in these pages, whereas those who aren't will gain a fascinating insight into them. This book is a marvellous exploration of theological questions and provides a deeper understanding for the 'Movement for Religious Renewal'.'
-- Rosemary Usselman, New View

'A systematic complete overview of theological fundamental question ...
Combines experience, biblical and modern literature with theological reflections.'
-- Michael Bruhn, Die Christengemeinschaft, Sep 2009

'A complete overview of fundamental theological questions … I wish there were more readable, undogmatic books like this.'
-- Michael Bruhn, Christengemeinschaft

'Here the theology of the Christian Community, a religious movement arising out of the work of Rudolf Steiner, is considered for the first time in a systematic way … Underlying the philosophy of the book is the idea of primordial unity, out of which life was manifested and towards which it returns in cycles that involve community and ultimately communion.'
--Science and Medical Network Review

'These are just some personal thoughts on some aspects of this very rich book; other people might be touched by other parts, wake up to different questions or be inspired. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring and understanding the meaning and role of Christianity in general and of the Christian Community in more specific detail in helping us on the journey we are on as individuals and as members of mankind.'
-- Angelika Monteux, Camphill Correspondence

Written primarily for "those who have encountered Christ in his sacraments as they live in The Christian Community", the book is a source of profound reflection on human spirituality in the twenty-first century.
-- The Social Crediter


Revd Tom Ravetz was born in Leeds in 1964. He completed the training for the priesthood of The Christian Community in Stuttgart, and studied theology at the University of Aberdeen. He is Lenker of The Christian Community in Great Britain and Ireland. He has written and spoken on a wide variety of theological and spiritual topics.

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