Embryogenesis in Myth and Science

Thomas J. Weihs

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Looks at how science and mythology are both key aspects in the understanding of new human life.

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Philosophy of Human Life
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160 pages
Publication date:
23 Oct 2008


Embryology has evolved from myth in early cultures, who knew little about the details of conception and pregnancy, to the height of modern scientific knowledge. Thomas Weihs argues persuasively that new scientific understanding of embryology could engender a new mythology, and that, in fact, science and myth are complementary aspects of the study of new life.

He explores the correspondence between the creation story in Genesis, and other creation myths, with the development of the human embryo, and also discusses how the intuitive heart-felt values we associate with pregnancy and birth can be reconciled with the science of our age.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Davy
From Mythos to Science
1. The story of creation
2. A brief history of embryology
Current Thinking in Biology and Embryology
3. Mendel and Darwin
4. The beginnings of experimental embryology
5. The discovery of genes
6. The search for the origin of form
From Science to Mythos
7. Embryogenesis and Genesis
8. Embryonic form development and cosmos
Biology and Spirit
9. Embryogenesis and the Gospels
10. Form and individuality


Thomas Weihs (1914-1983) studied medicine in Vienna and Basel before moving to Scotland to help found the Camphill Community for people with special needs.


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