Lowering High Blood Pressure

The Three-type Holistic Approach

Thomas Breitkreuz; Annette Bopp; Translated by Catherine Creeger

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  • Written by a qualified, experienced physician who specialises in holistic approaches to high blood pressure
  • For people who feel there's no alternative to a lifetime of pills, or who want to know more about their condition
  • Identifies three core types of high blood pressure, and outlines tailor-made therapies which help heal both body and soul

An alternative, holistic approach to treating high blood pressure, offering tailor-made therapeutic programmes for different types of high blood pressure.

216 x 160 mm
Floris Books
Holistic Health
40 colour illustrations
128 pages
Publication date:
16 Oct 2014


This book offers a tailored and holistic programme for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, distinguishing between three core types of hypertension: stress type, abdominal type, and chaos type.

Conventional treatments for high blood pressure often fail. Around half of patients who are prescribed medicines stop taking them, often because their doctor hasn't taken a holistic view of the patient's needs and life situation. Other patients feel there is no alternative to a life-long course of pills.

This book offers another way. The authors, including an experienced physician, want to empower the reader to identify which of the three core types of high blood pressure they have. They then outline tailor-made therapeutic programmes to care for body and soul, including nutrition, exercise and anthroposophical therapies to suit each type.

The book includes real-life case studies which also demonstrate the huge difference that this holistic approach can make.


'I was delighted to descover an authoritative book which addresses the issue of elevated BP and hypertension from a holistic (sometimes anthroposophical) standpoint, as opposed to the more mechanistic, "symptom-management" approach of more orthodox medicine... This is a beautifully produced and well organised book, printed on thick glossy paper with copious illustrative colour photographs throughout, an intelligent use of boxed information, and a useful index -- all contributing to a delightfully aesthetic read... I am delighted to have read this book. At just £9.99, is is exceptionally good value for money. In my view this book should unarguably be one of the best sellers in its field, and I unreservedly recommend it.'
-- New View


Dr Thomas Breitkreuz was Chief Physician in the department of internal medicine at Herdecke Community Hospital, Germany, from 2001 to 2010. Since then he has been Chief Physician at Paracelsus Hospital, Germany. He specialises in anthroposophical medical treatments for high blood pressure and cancer.

Annette Bopp trained as a biologist and is now a freelance medical journalist. Her writing has been widely published in Germany and she leads the editorial board of medical magazine 'Medizin Individuell'.

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