The Moon Gardener's Almanac: A Lunar Calendar to Help You Get the Best From Your Garden


Thérèse Trédoulat; Translated by Mado Spiegler

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  • A practical and essential month-by-month guide that brings ancient wisdom to modern gardens
  • Fascinating introduction to using the moon's rhythms in gardening work -- no midnight planting required!
  • Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams and space for notes -- a perfect gift for experienced gardeners and allotment enthusiasts alike

A practical guide to planting in harmony with lunar rhythms, helping you could grow better tasting, more plentiful veggies, and stronger, healthier plants and flowers -- no midnight planting required!

216 x 160 mm
Floris Books
Biodynamics & Organics
colour illustrations, diagrams and tables
120 pages
Publication date:
16 Aug 2018


Sells 100,000 copies in France every year!

Whether you're growing delicious vegetables for home cooking or cultivating beautiful flowers, a flourishing plot fills any gardener with joy and satisfaction.

Every gardener knows there's no magic spell for a thriving garden, but did you know that by planting in harmony with lunar rhythms you could grow better tasting and more plentiful veggies, and stronger, healthier plants and flowers? And it doesn't involve sowing seeds by the light of the full moon!

The Moon Gardener's Almanac is a practical guide to harnessing the moon's positive influence over plants and flowers as part of your normal gardening work -- bringing ancient wisdom to modern gardens.

This essential month-by-month guide makes it easy to plan your gardening. Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams and space for your own notes, The Moon Gardeners' Almanac will be a welcome addition to any gardener's shelf.


'The general reader can glean a great deal of useful guidance.'
-- Paradigm Explorer

'An absolutely beautiful book. Wonderful presentation, really clear and informative charts and diagrams. Full of really useful information that is applicable in the garden.'
-- reader review

'A very useful guide for the gardener and introduces the whole subject of the moon, its rhythms and basic organic gardening practices in a very clear and accessible way. It is also a useful tool for keeping a gardening record that can be referred to in future years.'
-- New View

'Tables to calculate weather influences and individual crop patterns make this a useful almanac for any serious gardener.'
-- Cygnus Review

'[A] beautifully presented book... A practical guide to including the moon in our normal gardening work... A lovely well-presented almanac with ample space for one's own observations and records. Taken up and used it could only deepen one's pleasure and love of gardening in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Hopefully leading to an interest in biodynamics too!'
-- Star & Furrow


Thérèse Trédoulat is a gardening author based in France. She updates the annual Moon Gardener's Almanac, continuing the work of Céleste, a French lunar gardening specialist who died a few years ago.

Mado Spiegler is a translator based in the USA.

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