Paul the Apostle

The Story of a Remarkable Life

Siegwart Knijpenga; Translated by Philip Mees

Not yet published - due 14 Oct 2021

Quick Look

  • The story of Saint Paul, from his early years through to his transformation and tireless evangelism
  • Explores the intrepid journey Paul took as he shared the good news and laid the foundations for Christianity
  • Offers an engaging and accessible account which reveals the character of the man and brings his story to life

A vibrant, accessible and Biblically-accurate retelling of the life of Saint Paul by an experienced Christian Community priest.

Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
144 pages
Publication date:
14 Oct 2021


In the middle of the first century, a new religion appeared in the Middle East whose followers proclaimed the salvation of humanity through the incarnation, death and resurrection of the Son of God. They might have remained in obscurity -- just one of the many religious sects that appeared and disappeared at the time -- were it not for the activities of one remarkable individual.

Paul the Apostle is an engaging narrative retelling of the life of Saint Paul. It takes us from his childhood as Saul in his father's tent-making workshop and his persecution of the new Church, to his momentous encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus and his transformation into Paul. The story follows Paul's tireless campaigns throughout the Mediterranean region as he preached the good news and laid the foundations for one of the world's great religions.

Inspired by the religious lessons he gave to young people, Siegwart Knijpenga brings the story of Paul vividly to life in this accessible and fascinating book.


Siegwart Knijpenga was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands and attended the Waldorf school in The Hague. He studied for the priesthood at the Seminary of The Christian Community in Stuttgart, Germany and was ordained in 1962. He has served congregations in Hamburg and Amsterdam, among others, and was the lenker of The Christian Community in the Netherlands for eight years. He is also the author of Stories of the Saints, a collection for children.

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