The Story of King Lion

Sibylle von Olfers

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  • A classic children's book from the author of The Story of the Root Children is full of beautiful illustrations
  • This tale from the animal kingdom is told in lively rhyming verses
  • Available for the first time in English

A lively tale of the animal kingdom and King lion's feast, in von Olfers' classic art nouveau style.

216 x 295 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 6 years
24 pages
Publication date:
10 Jan 2013


King Lion is having a feast. All his animal subjects bring their favourite meal -- saltwater lemonade from the fish, snail sausages from the hedgehog and thistle salad from the donkey. But which dish will King Lion like the best?

From the author of The Story of the Root Children, this tale from the animal kingdom is told in lively rhyming verses, and beautifully illustrated in classic art nouveau style.

This is the first time this book has been published in English.


'This story is clever for the way in which it makes children think about acts of giving and sharing through a variety of much-loved animals, each bringing an offering we would traditionally associate with them almost creating a game of recognition and association. Sibylle von Olfers depicts the animal kingdom in decorative art nouveau style ... Her precise stylised illustrations of plants have the feel of gentle nineteenth century botanical prints ... a joy to read and share with older readers who can appreciate its finer points.'
-- Armadillo

'[A]n entertaining story that shows the habits of the animal kingdom.'
-- Creative Steps


Sibylle von Olfers is a Floris Books featured author. Read all about this author's life and work on our dedicated author page.

Sibylle von Olfers (1881–1916) was a German children's author and illustrator. Well-known for her blend of natural observation and simple design in the art nouveau style, her work has been likened to Kate Greenaway and Elsa Beskow. Encouraged by her aunt, writer and painter Marie von Olfers, Sibylle studied at art college in Berlin. At aged 25 she took the name Sister Maria Aloysia and published her first picture book, The Story of the Root Children. She created six more picture books in the following decade before her untimely death. Her legacy is a collection of beloved children’s books including The Story of the Snow Children and The Story of the Wind Children.


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