What is a Waldorf Kindergarten?

Edited by Sharifa Oppenheimer; Foreword by Joan Almon

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An in-depth look at Waldorf kindergartens, from the essentials that underpin them to the practicalities of the daily routine.

228 x 190 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Steiner-Waldorf Education; WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America)
120 pages
Publication date:
29 Jan 2016
2nd edition


Research shows that three essentials are necessary for young children's learning: a broad palette of sensory experience; vigorous and fine movement in response to sensory input; and the opportunity to imitate what the child sees modelled in the environment. These activities are the backbone of the academic foundation that parents should look for in an early childhood program.

This helpful book takes an in-depth look at Waldorf kindergartens, and what approach they offer. It includes chapters on a typical day in a kindergarten, handwork, human development through art, circle time, fairy tales, seasons and festivals, and much more.

This collection of insightful articles by experienced early-childhood educators, published in cooperation with WECAN, brings both an overview and a deeper understanding of these essentials at work in the daily life of the Waldorf kindergarten.


Sharifa Oppenheimer was the founding teacher of the Charlottesville Waldorf School where she taught kindergarten for twenty-one years, and is the founder and director of The Rose Garden, a home based early childhood program in Virginia, USA.

Joan Almon (1944-2019) was a Waldorf kindergarten teacher and coordinator of the Alliance for Childhood in the United States. She was also co-general secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America and former editor of the Journal For Anthroposophy.

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