Until Every Animal is Free

Saryta Rodriguez

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Challenges the widely-held belief that humans are superior to animals, dispelling many myths along the way.

224 x 140 mm
Vegan Publishers
Philosophy of Human Life;
292 pages
Publication date:
01 Oct 2015


The belief that humans are superior to all other animals is still widely held, but in this candid book Saryta Rodriguez challenges the myth of human supremacy, exploring closely the ideological pillars that lie behind the belief.

She heralds the Animal Liberation Movement as the next logical step in the path of social justice, dispelling many of the myths that stand as barriers. She also discusses animal liberation theory as well as (primarily twenty-first century) efforts to put animal liberation on the public agenda.

This is an insightful and thought-provoking book on an issue of great significance for the future of our planet.

Table of Contents

Prologue: A Brief History and a Call to Arms
Chapter One: How This Became My Life
A Goat Named Pepa
An Animated Activist
A Wolf from Gubbio and a Conference with the Birds
A Personal Compulsion toward Universal Justice
Chapter Two: Speciesism: The Final Frontier
White Supremacy is a Myth
Male Supremacy is a Myth
Human Supremacy is a Myth
Intersectionality: Tying it All Together
Chapter Three: Lifting the Veil
Humanewashing: Why 'Grass-fed,' 'Cage-free,' and All of These Other Buzzwords Miss the Point Entirely
We All 'Drank the Kool-Aid' with Respect to Animal Testing
Cruelty isn't Fun
Married to Our Own Convenience
Chapter Four: Putting Animal Liberation on the Public Agenda
Animal Liberation Victoria
Direct Action Everywhere
Nonhuman Rights Project
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Low-Hanging Fruit: Political Appropriation of AR Sentiments
What Works vs. What Doesn't
Chapter Five: Where to Draw the Line
Us vs. Them: Pests
Nirvana was Being Sarcastic: The Truth about Fish
Pets: Captivity or Mercy


Saryta Rodriguez is an editor, social justice advocate, and author. After working at David Black Literary Agency and Penguin Group, she headed west and founded her own editing and consulting firm, Brave New Publishing. She spent a year in Phoenix, Arizona, where she joined PALS (Phoenix Animal Liberation Squad), and then joined Direct Action Everywhere in Oakland, where she was an active member until September 2015. She currently divides her time between New York and California.

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