The Fire Bringer

Samuel Mills

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An epic story that brings the great Olympian gods and goddesses to life for juvenile readers.

234 x 156 mm
Steiner Books
Story Books & Anthologies
Age Range:
From 12 to 15 years
128 pages
Publication date:
01 Jan 2009


After 30,000 years of torment, Prometheus has been released from his punishment for bringing fire to humankind. He now runs a small school outside of Athens where he tells his students his eyewitness account of humanity’s creation. Meanwhile, up on Mt. Olympus, Zeus casts his gaze upon one of Prometheus’s disciples, Chastia, who is engaged to Demetrios, a fellow student. However, Hera, the jealous spouse of Zeus, watches his every move.

The Fire Bringer takes readers on a journey that gives life to the stories of the great Olympian gods and goddesses. Discover what it means to be entrusted with the gift of fire, and why Prometheus betrayed his own king to save a lowly race of mortals. Learn about our Western mythological roots and experience these all-too-human archetypes.


Samuel Mills earned a graduate degree in Transpersonal Counselling at JFK University in San Francisco and served as board president of the Shanti Project. He helped develop Front Street Pictures, an independent film company and is a founding philanthropist and board member for Equal Access, an NGO that provides radio content to audiences in the developing world. Sam has two grown children and currently lives in California.

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