Hidden Treasure in the Psalms

Rudolf Frieling; Translated by Mabel Cotterell and Alfred Heidenreich

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  • An authoritative study which restores the inspiration and wisdom of this beautiful poetry
  • Demonstrates Frieling's unique gift for uncovering hidden gems
  • Delves into the original Hebrew language and reveals profound truths

An authoritative study which restores the inspiration and wisdom of this beautiful poetry.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality; Religion & Spirituality
192 pages
Publication date:
16 Apr 2015
3rd edition


The Psalms of the Old Testament are a wonderful source of inspiration and wisdom which rank alongside the poetry of Homer, Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe. Successive translations and association with outdated doctrines have, however, caused much of their original value to be lost.

In this authoritative book, Rudolf Frieling demonstrates a unique gift for uncovering these hidden treasures, and presenting them afresh. His scholarly grasp of the original Hebrew language, and his profound sense of the mystical and even occult significance of the sacred poetry makes these studies a unique guide to one of the most beautiful books of the Old Testament.


Rudolf Frieling (1901-86) was one of the founders of The Christian Community. Before becoming the leader of this movement for religious renewal in 1957, his work took him to Leipzig, Vienna, New York and Stuttgart. He is the author of many books on Christian thinking.

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