Werewolf Parallel

Roy Gill

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  • Cameron's life of shifting between worlds is under threat.
  • Can a werewolf with an attitude, a supernatural girl and a boy with special powers save their world?
  • The highly-anticipated sequel to Daemon Parallel

The Parallel is under threat. To save it, Cameron must make the ultimate sacrifice, but what is he prepared to lose? Fur-raising sequel to dark supernatural fantasy Daemon Parallel.

Floris Books
Age Range:
From 12 to 15 years
288 pages
Publication date:
20 Mar 2014


'His arms kept stretching, as if they were somehow getting longer. His fingers clenched in, then spread out again like claws. The shape of his head was changing impossibly too, the ears becoming pointed and growing upward, his jaw pushing and thrusting out...
The wolf threw back its head and howled.'

Cameron's life of shifting between the Human and Demon worlds is under threat and the magic that once protected him and his friends is failing.

His best friends Morgan, a werewolf with an attitude, and Eve, ex-prisoner of a vicious weaver demon, discover that they aren't the only ones in danger: the very existence of their worlds is at stake. Two sinister figures want to destroy the Parallel -- the realm between worlds populated by demons, dark creatures and old gods -- and everyone in it.

What will Cameron sacrifice to defeat the demons and save the Parallel?

This claw-shredding sequel to Daemon Parallel continues Roy Gill's stunning series, featuring colliding worlds and supernatural creatures, grounded in the familiar Edinburgh landscape.


'This book is action packed with a pulsating adventure. It has a big wolf heart at the very core. Flowing with Scottish charm, this story has everything from spine tingling moments to emotional character enlightenment. It is difficult not to become wrapped up in the whole essence of the story and, before you know it, to be wolfing down each word.

This is definitely a recommended read. By the light of the full moon, this story is both captivating and thrilling.'
-- Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

'About a third of the way into Werewolf Parallel I figured out what the series reminded me of -- a Scottish Neverwhere. The Parallel takes the familiar sights of the city and subverts them into fantastical versions. The series is at its best when its exploring whatever inventive new setting the author has dreamed up... The stand-out of this book is its villains -- Doctor Black and Grey, who are a second echo of Neverwhere, being of the dynamic of small, smart psychopath paired with the blundering but deadly muscle, a la Croup and Vandemar.'
-- Matt Cresswell, Glitterwolf Magazine

'What is so modern (and so satisfying) about the Parallel novels is that the basic concept of the 'secondary world' genre is complicated, even exploded, by ideas of exchange and exploration. It's not a simple either/or, a journey there and back again. Real life and the imaginary don't and can't exist separately: which makes the cliffhanger end all the more affecting.'
-- Nick Campbell, A Pile of Leaves

'The story is a fun fantasy read. If you have the first book, you will want the second!'
-- VOYA Magazine

'As I suspected he would, Roy Gill has written a sequel, by popular request. It's a good thing he did. Not only was Cameron still alive at the end of the first book, but I'd say Werewolf Parallel is even better.'
-- Bookwitch


Roy Gill was born in Edinburgh, and has a PhD from Stirling University on the topic of media fandom. He has taught English and Film at Stirling and Strathclyde, and also worked front-of-house in a theatre. He has always enjoyed writing, and has published articles, reviews and short fiction in books and journals such as Critical Quarterly, Creeping Flesh and Fractured West. In 2009/10 he won a New Writer's Award from the Scottish Book Trust. Werewolf Parallel is Roy's second novel for teenagers.

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