Crafting a Felt Farm

A Waldorf Project for All Ages

Rotraud Reinhard; Translated by Anna Cardwell

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Quick Look

  • A wonderful craft book and a picture book -- all in one!
  • Contains detailed step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks for creating a needle-felted farm
  • With projects for crafters of all ages, creating the whole farm would be a wonderful activity for families, school or community groups to do together
  • Fully illustrated with beautiful colour photographs
  • New edition of the popular craft book previously published as A Felt Farm

Learn how to make an entire farm of needle-felted animals, people and buildings with this unique craft book. Contains step-by-step instructions and beautiful colour photographs, plus an illustrated story of a fun-filled day on the farm.

210 x 192 mm
Floris Books
Crafts & Activities
over 200 colour illustrations
128 pages
Publication date:
11 Jun 2020


A unique craft book in two parts – learn to make a felted farm and enjoy an illustrated story!
The crafting section contains step-by-step instructions, complete with beautiful colour photographs, showing how to make an entire farm with a range of needle-felted animals, people and buildings.

The illustrated story takes those characters, animals and settings to tell a tale of a fun-filled day on the farm.

Crafters may choose to make a couple of animals to supplement an existing farm set, but the entire farm is a wonderful project for an intergenerational group. Children can make simple items and animals, while adults can tackle more intricate projects.

Throughout, experienced felter Rotraud Reinhard provides tips and tricks for working with felt and bringing colour and life to your farm.

Table of Contents

- Get Ready for Felting

Projects for Children and Beginners
- Landscape and Objects
- Simple Animals

Projects for Experienced Felters
- Sitting Animals
- Standing Animals
- Animals with Wire Legs
- Miniature Animals
- Human Figures
- Finishing Touches While Wet
- Finishing Touches When Dry

Building the Farm
- Day 1: Preliminary Building Work
- Day 2: Adding Landscape and Detail
- Day 3: Finishing and Details
- Household Items

Story: A Day on the Farm


Rotraud Reinhard was born in Germany in 1961. She started felting in 1989 and developed the technique that makes three-dimensional felting possible. She runs felting courses in her own workshop and gives lessons in schools and kindergartens. She is the author of several books on felting. She lives in the medieval castle village of Maienfels with her family, dog and cat.

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