Clothing the Play

The Art and Craft of Stage Design

Roswitha Spence

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  • Written by an experienced stage and costume designer
  • Covers all aspects of staging a play, including colour, texture, costumes, scenery and lighting
  • Guides teachers through the process, with invaluable tips and advice

A comprehensive resource for teachers and others covering all aspects of stage and costume design for putting on a play.

190 x 254 mm
Waldorf Publications
Steiner-Waldorf Education; Waldorf Publications
220 colour illustrations
112 pages
Publication date:
17 Jan 2013


Stage and costume design are important parts of any play or stage show. Even for school plays, such aspects should be carefully considered, but many teachers are not sure how best to approach them.

This comprehensive book, by experienced stage and costume designer Roswitha Spence, will guide teachers and others through the process of staging a play, with wise advice and expert tips throughout. It includes sections on colour, texture, costumes, scenery, lighting and more and throughout, the author's practical guidance is inspired by a deep spiritual vision.

This is an invaluable resource for anyone who finds themselves working with sets and costumes, and will be enjoyed by all with an interest in theatre.

Table of Contents

An Approach to Design
Style & Form
Makeup, Mask & Puppetry
Application & Examples
Pericles, Prince of Tyre
Practical Issues
Index of Characters


'Again and again I was astonished at Roswitha's unique combination of practical and professional expertise infused with spiritual insights... She shows how the elements of color, texture and style in clothing and setting arouse an atmosphere of sacred wonder in the actors and a profound respect for the role of those who worked behind the scenes. She shows how the elements merge out of the lawfulness which underlies the whole evolving creation of both our human world and the world of nature.'
-- Dawn Langman

'[Roswitha Spence] exhibits a vast amount of artistry, knowledge, expertise and experience in her chosen field and imparts it all to the reader in a very well-structured and easy to follow way, aided by an abundance of colourful photographs. The author's personal insights are an added bonus to what is primarily a practical workbook and guide to the subject and elevate the book into a truly fascinating read.'
-- New View magazine


Roswitha Spence is a professional costume and stage designer who also taught puppetry for over 20 years. She trained in theatre and couture arts in Germany, then worked at English National Opera and the Royal Shakespeare Company as costume cutter. She then moved to Emerson College in Sussex, England, where she was responsible for set, costume and lighting design for all stage productions, as well as teaching the art and craft of stage design.

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