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  • Enter a magical, unexpected world
  • Twists and turns keep the reader guessing
  • By master storyteller Ross MacKenzie, author of award-winning The Nowhere Emporium

The award-winning author of The Nowhere Emporium weaves another world of magic and adventure for 9 to 12 year olds.

198 x 130 mm
Floris Books
Age Range:
From 10 to 14 years
272 pages
Publication date:
08 Sep 2016


'Are you brave?'

When the mysterious Amelia Pigeon turns up at Kirby's bedroom window in the dead of night, this is the question she asks him -- right before they tumble into a world of ancient malevolent spirits who have torn their way into Kirby's quiet seaside village.

Kirby isn't feeling brave at all. His mother is in a coma following a freak (or was it?) accident, and he's hardly talking to his dad. He's convinced a spider is spying on him, and now a weird girl in a yellow raincoat -- who claims to be a powerful, evil-banishing Shadowsmith -- is dragging him into unknown danger. How brave is he really?

Ross MacKenzie, author of award-winning The Nowhere Emporium, weaves a world of magic and adventure which twists and turns magnificently, and keeps thrilled young readers guessing right to the end.


'Spooky and deliciously dark in places, this is a fabulously gripping story about the power of love, friendship and overcoming scary situations.'

'Another brilliant page-turner from Blue Peter Book Award winner, Ross MacKenzie. It twists and turns between darkness and light, and is full of suspense, mystery and intrigue. Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman, Cliff McNish and JK Rowling.'
-- BookTrust

'Ross MacKenzie deftly weaves a world of magic and adventure in a fantasy adventure novel replete twists and turns magnificently and will keep thrilled young readers ages 9 to 12 guessing right to the end. Impressively original and exceptionally well written, ''Shadowsmith'' is a consistently compelling read from beginning to end.'
-- Midwest Book Review

'Ross MacKenzie weaves ancient magic into the modern world in a fast-paced tale that is suspenseful and gripping. Kirby's story teaches readers that fear is nothing to be ashamed of, and that it is even necessary to overcome scary situations. Amelia's character embodies the essence of change and forgiveness. The book is filled with mystery and fantasy.'
-- BYU Children's Book & Media Review

'I loved everything about this gripping book and would recommend it to fans of fantasy and mystery books.'
-- Nicola Sullivan, Age 10, for National Geographic Kids


Ross MacKenzie is the author of The Nowhere Emporium, winner of the Blue Peter Award and the Scottish Children's Book Award. He lives in Renfrew, where he grew up, with his wife and two daughters, but spends much of his time in another world.

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