Anthroposophic Nursing Practice

Foundations and Indications for Everyday Caregiving

Edited by Rolf Heine; Translated by Carol Brousseau

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  • Emphasises the importance of the holistic nature of anthroposophic nursing in caring for the patient's body, soul and spirit
  • Gathers knowledge and perspectives from generations of experienced nurses
  • Will become the classic text on the signficance of anthroposophic nursing

Contributions from experienced anthroposophic nurses combine to create this landmark work, highlighting the importance of this holistic approach to healthcare.

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Holistic Health
624 pages
Publication date:
04 Mar 2021


Anthroposophic nursing care connects the treatment of the body with the care of the patient's soul and spirit. Attention is paid to touch, using warmth, cold air and light to promote healing. While physical wellbeing is central to our modern society, our bodies actually receive little respect and attention, especially when we become ill and old. This book argues that nursing values need to be rediscovered which respect the individual, embrace illness as part of life, and allow time for healing.

Anthroposophic Nursing Practice highlights a form of nursing which is both holistic and optimistic. This important book gathers together knowledge and perspectives from generations of nurses, including Anna Wilde, Bernhard Deckers and Heikie Schaumann.

This comprehensive work will inevitably become the classic text on the important practice of anthroposophic nursing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How Do You Learn Anthroposophic Nursing?
Chapter 2: Observation as a Method of Self-development and a Therapeutic Element in Care and Destiny
Chapter 3: The Anthropological Foundations of Nursing Extended by Anthroposophy
Chapter 4: Illness and Destiny
Chapter 5: Nursing as a Path of Development
Chapter 6: Meditation in Nursing
Chapter 7: The Concept of Nursing Gestures as a Model for Nursing Care
Chapter 8: Rhythm
Chapter 9: The Human Warmth Organism and Its Care
Chapter 10: Variations on Whole-Body Washing
Chapter 11: Preventing Bedsores, Pneumonia, and Thrombosis in Seriously Ill Patients
Chapter 12: Rhythmical Einreibung According to Wegman/Hauschka
Chapter 13: Compresses in Anthroposophically Extended Nursing Care
Chapter 14: Active Principles in External Applications
Chapter 15: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Puerperium as Stages of Human Becoming
Chapter 16: Neonatal Nursing Care. Care Is Education—Education Is Care
Chapter 17: The Concept of Development as the Basis for Anthroposophically Extended Pediatric Nursing
Chapter 18: Psychiatric Nursing
Chapter 19: From the Question of Meaning in Cancer to the Cultivation of the Senses
Chapter 20: Anthroposophic Oncology Nursing
Chapter 21: Geriatric Care as Care for Human Beings
Chapter 22: Aspects of Caring for Elderly People who are Mentally Ill or Confused
Chapter 23: Caring for People with Dementia in Inpatient Facilities
Chapter 24: Palliative Care
Chapter 25: The Care and Accompaniment of the Dying and the Deceased


Rolf Heine is a certified nurse and anthroposophic nursing specialist. In 2012 he founded the Academy for Nursing Professions at the Filderklinik hospital, Stuttgart. He now runs the Network for Anthroposophic Nursing Care in Germany and is president of the International Council of Anthroposophic Nursing Associations (ICANA). He has published numerous contributions on the topic of anthroposophic nursing in books and professional journals.

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