The Letters of John

Roger Druitt


Quick Look

  • Presents an insightful commentary on the cultural and historical context of John's letters, alongside a fresh translation
  • Explores significant themes woven through these letters, including truth, love and righteousness
  • Written by an experienced Christian Community priest who reveals the ongoing relevance of the letters for readers today

A new translation of the John's New Testament Letters plus perceptive analysis of the text, offering valuable insights into the background to the letters and their continuing relevance today.

Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
96 pages
Publication date:
20 Oct 2022


The three New Testament letters of John are concerned with the development and well-being of the early Christian congregations. They share the significance of Christ's incarnation and his unique sacrifice, urging the churches to continue to seek God. Although written in the first century, the letters remain a source of wisdom and inspiration for people today.

Respected Christian Community priest Roger Druitt offers a new translation of the letters alongside a thought-provoking commentary, which includes both the historical and cultural background to the letters and insightful studies on key aspects such as righteousness, love and truth.

Throughout, the author illuminates the truly modern character of the letters, showing how they speak to a universal vision of humanity.


Roger Druitt was born in 1943. He studied mathematics and economics at Cambridge University and then worked in early computing. He discovered anthroposophy in the 1960s and became a priest of The Christian Community in 1971. He teaches widely on the subject of observing nature and finding a connection to the spirit. He is the author of Festivals of the Year and Observing Nature's Secret.

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