Acts of the Heart

Culture-Building, Soul-Researching

Robert Sardello

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  • A fascinating collection of insightful essays on a wide variety of subjects
  • Essays are taken from Robert Sardello's forewords, introductions and prefaces to other authors' books

An inspiring collection of Robert Sardello's insightful contributions to other authors' books on a wide variety of subjects.

234 x 156 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
398 pages
Publication date:
19 Apr 2012


Robert Sardello is an extremely prolific writer and has contributed an astonishing number of forewords, introductions and prefaces to other authors' books over the years. Many of the introductions are inspirational essays in their own right, outlining and giving background to a wide variety of important concepts and ideas from consciousness and psychotherapy to imagination, healing and spirituality.

This book is a collection of Sardello's many insightful contributions, and includes some introductions and forewords by other authors, discussing aspects of Sardello's own work.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments: Cheryl Sanders-Sardello
Gail Thomas
Joanne Stroud
John Lee
Christopher Bamford
Scott Scribner
About the Contributors
1. Educating with Soul
2. Dragonflies: Studies in Imaginal Psychology
3. Stirrings of Culture: Introduction; The Cancerous Body of the World; City Beasts; The Learning Instinct; Psychological Benefits of Capitalism
4. Freud, Jung, and Spiritual Psychology
5. Jung and Steiner: The Birth of a New Psychology
6. The Angels
7. The Speech of the Grail
8. Sing Me the Creation
9. Anthroposophy (A Fragment)
10. So that You May Be One: From the Visions of Joa Bolendas
11. Seeking Spirit Vision: Essays on Developing Imagination
12. Conversation Amoureuse
13. A Psychology of Body, Soul, and Spirit
14. Give Us This Day: The Story of Prayer
15. The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach
16. Cooking for the Love of the World
17. The Unknown Hieronymus Bosch
18. An Unknown Destiny: Terror, Psychotherapy and Modern Initiation
19. I Connecting: The Soul’s Quest
20. Healing Pandora: The Restoration of Hope and Abundance
21. Stones of the New Consciousness: An Interstitial Word by Lee Nichol
22. Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation
23. Healing Ourselves from Medicine: How Anthroposophy Can Save Your Life
24. The Mysterious Story of X7


'The Introductions collected in this volume are not the usual dry outlines of some stranger's books. What you will discover is the soul of those books. More important, you will discover the imagination and vision of Robert Sardello.... If your heart and spirit long for a way to participate in the building of the Earth’s future, you will find a guiding partner in the writings of this visionary man.'
-- John Lee (from his Foreword)


Dr Robert Sardello has been a practicising psychotherapist for over twenty years, working in existential, Jungian and archetypal psychologies. He is the author of Love and the World, and Facing the World with Soul.


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