The Golden Age of Chartres

The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine

René M. Querido

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Explores the history of the famous cathedral as part of the School of Chartres through its great teachers Fulbertus, Bernadus Silvestris, John of Salisbury and Alanus ab Insulis.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Mind, Body, Spirit
160 pages
Publication date:
25 Sep 2008


Chartres cathedral draws millions of visitors every year, yet its origins have been largely forgotten. René Querido explores its story, including its foundation in the early eleventh century by Fulbertus as part of the great School of Chartres, and its development under Bernadus Silvestris, John of Salisbury and the last great master, Alanus ab Insulis.

Working through to the twentieth century, Querido never loses sight of the magnificence of the building, nor the great significance of the ideas that developed around it.

Table of Contents

1. The historical and spiritual origins of Chartres
2. The great Fulbertus and the genesis of the cathedral
3. Teachings carved in stone and fashioned in glass
4. The seven liberal arts as a path of inner development
5. Macrocosm and microcosm -- Bernadus Silvestris
6. The spiritual hierarchies -- Dionysius the Areopagite
7. Seven keys of spiritual development -- John of Salisbury
8. The redemption of the earth -- Alanus ab Insulis
9. The Platonic and Aristotelian streams
10. The School of Chartres and the end of the twentieth century


René M. Querido was a seminal figure in Waldorf education for a half century. He was educated in Holland, Belgium, France, and England and studied mathematics and physics at London University. He lectured throughout the world on historical and educational topics and was director of Rudolf Steiner College (Fair Oaks, California). He was also Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America.


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