Addictive Behaviour in Children and Young Adults

The Struggle for Freedom

Raoul Goldberg

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  • Explores the causes, and consequences, of all forms of addiction in children and young people
  • Supplies case histories and proven techniques to manage dependencies on all addictions including illicit substances, food, electronic gadgetry, entertainment media and unhealthy sexual practices
  • An invaluable resource for parents, teachers and health professionals who work with children and adolescents

Explores the health consequences, and causes, of addiction in children and young people, including dependency on food, alcohol, electronic gadgetry and entertainment media.

234 x 156 mm
Floris Books
Parenting & Child Health
16 b/w illustrations
288 pages
Publication date:
24 May 2012


Addiction is one of the most critical problems of our modern world, affecting children as much as adults. We face not only a widespread dependency on illicit substances, but also addictions to food, beverages, cigarettes and alcohol, as well as electronic gadgetry, online social networks, and entertainment media within a culture of violence, along with excessive and unhealthy sexual practices.

This book explores the overall health consequences of addictive behaviour in children and young people, as well as its underlying causes. Drawing on anthroposophical insights, the author sees the child holistically as body, soul and spirit on a developmental journey from newborn to adult. He examines specific addictions through case histories taken from his clinical practice, and offers a tried and tested method to understand and manage each individual child or young person who succumbs to such dependencies.

This book will be of value to parents, teachers and health professionals who work with children and adolescents; to young people and adults caught up in unhealthy addictive behaviour; and to all those who wish to understand better their own human nature.


'A timely book on a vitally important subject.'
-- Dr Rosy Daniel, Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine

'Dr Goldberg is the one of the most creative, original thinkers and researchers in the field of Integrative Medicine I have ever met, and a great contributor to the huge task of humanising medicine.'
-- Yehuda Tagar, founder of Psychophonetics, director of Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics and of Michaeli Leadership Institute (South Africa).

'A challenging yet hopeful book which tackles the core of a critical issue.'
-- Peter Powis, Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist, Syringa Health Centre, South Africa

'A comprehensive treatment of the crucial subject... The anthroposophical perspective on phases of soul development gives extra depth to this already wide-ranging treatment.'
-- Scientific Medical Network Review


Dr Raoul Goldberg has practised Integrative Medicine for thirty-five years in Switzerland, Germany and the majority of his career in his homeland, South Africa. His work includes managing an Integrative Health Clinic and practising as a clinical doctor and counsellor, school doctor, international lecturer and child health researcher. He is the author of Awakening to Child Health (Hawthorn Press, UK) and many other publications on Integrative Medicine and Child Health.

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