When Little Owl Met Little Rabbit

Przemysław Wechterowicz; Illustrated by Emilia Dziubak

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  • A warm story, full of heart, about two little neighbours who share their oak tree home, and the magic of a wish that comes true
  • A celebration of the joy of making new friends and embracing our differences
  • The delightful artwork is full of fun play and gentle humour
  • Illustrated by Emilia Dziubak, award-winning co-creator of USBBY Outstanding International Book The House of Lost and Found

A sweet, lyrical story of a budding friendship between a young owl and a young rabbit whose different lives keep them from meeting, with charming illustrations of the natural world. Perfect for bedtime.

280 x 250 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
36 pages
Publication date:
23 Jun 2022


Little Owl and Little Rabbit live in the same oak tree, but they've never met. While Little Rabbit hops through the forest by day, Little Owl soars over it by night.

When they discover they are neighbours, the pair are desperate to meet. But how can they, when Little Owl is waking up just as Little Rabbit is going to sleep?

Then one night, a big, bright full moon appears. Will Little Owl and Little Rabbit finally get to play together?

A sweet, warm-hearted story of friendship set in the natural world, with words by much-loved Polish author Przemysław Wechterowicz and beautiful illustrations from the award-winning illustrator Emilia Dziubak, co-creator of USBBY Outstanding International Book The House of Lost and Found. This charming tale is a perfect book for bedtime.


'Wechterowicz thoughtfully explores a growing attachment in this quiet logistical fable, while Dziubak creates a lush, intricately developed forest world that plays the sunlight of Little Rabbit's daytime world off the moonlight and warm interior glow of Little Owl's nocturnal life.'
-- Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

'This endearing picture book reads aloud beautifully and has broad appeal for children.'

'Copious playful, high-spirited illustrations depicted the two animals as googly-eyed bits of adorable feathers and fur. […] True camaraderie beats out even bedtime in this charming friendship tale.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

'The illustrations are softly magical, especially under moonlight. Little Owl and Little Rabbit are adorably cute as they play in the dreamy nighttime world.'
-- Youth Services Book Review

'Cute characters, stylised scenery, and sweet details.'
-- Armadillo

'Glowing illustrations with lively natural details and sprays of stars ensure continual engagement in this cozy, dreamy tale.'
-- Foreword Reviews

'Such a lovely story and perfect for bedtime. The words seem to come out as a gentle, soothing whisper in the way the story is written. The illustrations are cosy and homely with a bountiful brown and dark green palette with hints of light and glimmers of stars that contrast beautifully.'
-- Busy Busy Learning (Instagram)

'This sweet story by Polish poet, children's playwright and award-winning picture-book author Przemyslaw Wechterowicz embraces difference and the importance of friendship.'
-- Outside in World (Instagram)

'An endearing book about going the distance to overcome hurdles in friendships! You will will absolutely adore Little Owl and Little Rabbit.'
-- Little Cub Literacy (Instagram)

'I love the sweet friendship between Little Owl and Little Rabbit. They are so different, but they find ways to play and connect. They discover that they have a lot in common after all.The art work is full of magic and enchantment.'
-- Luminous Libro (Instagram)

'I highly recommend this book! The story is very sweet and the illustrations are beautiful! I can’t wait to get this and read this to my first graders.'
-- Netgalley Educator

'Highly recommend adding to your shelf.'
-- Netgalley Reviewer

'The story is great but the illustrations are delightful and such that children will enjoy studying them to see all the little details.'
-- Netgalley Reviewer


Przemysław Wechterowicz is a poet, children's playwright and picture book author from Poland. His books have won prestigious awards both in Poland and internationally, and his work has been translated into many languages. He lives in Warsaw with his wife and daughter.

Emilia Dziubak is an award-winning artist from Poland. She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and has illustrated numerous children's picture books that have been translated into many languages. She is the illustrator of USBBY- listed The House of Lost and Found, as well as Little Pearl and Dreams of Near and Far, also co-created with Martin Widmark.

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