A Biodynamic Manual

Practical Instructions for Farmers and Gardeners

Pierre Masson; Translated by Monique Blais

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We're sorry that this book is out of print. However, a new, full revised edition is available:
The Biodynamic Manual by Pierre Masson, revised by Pierre and Vincent Masson.

  • This fully illustrated manual will answer any questions about biodynamic gardening and farming methods
  • An invaluable daily-use guide for biodynamic growers

Answers all questions about the practice and methods of biodynamic farming and gardening.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Biodynamics & Organics
80 b/w illustrations
200 pages
Publication date:
27 Oct 2011


For anyone already practicing, or turning to, biodynamic gardening and farming methods, numerous detailed questions arise, such as:
* How do you choose your seeds?
* What fertilisers should you use?
* Which natural products are most effective?

This manual, fully illustrated with explanatory diagrams and photographs, provides the answers. The book covers
* all aspects of making and using biodynamic preparations and composts
* managing the health of plants
* weed control
* parasite control
* issues around mixed cultivation
* animal care
* specialised crops and planting such as fruit trees and vines

Although the technical aspects of biodynamic growing are exhaustively covered, the author also considers the human qualities necessary for this kind of agriculture to succeed.

This is an invaluable guide for all biodynamic growers to have to hand daily.


'The definitive practical manual for biodynamic farmers and gardeners, with a section on viticulture.'
-- David Lorimer, Scientific Medical Network Review


After 22 years of practicing biodynamic agriculture on a mixed farm in Burgundy, Pierre Masson turned his skills and knowledge towards advising and training in the field of biodynamics. His own experience on the land and his visits to a wide range of farms and gardens over 35 years have given him a broad and practical vision of biodynamics.


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