Rudolf Steiner and The Christian Community

Peter Selg; Translated by Marsha Post

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  • Addresses many questions about Rudolf Steiner's intentions for The Christian Community
  • Could significantly improve understanding and cooperation between The Christian Community and the wider anthroposophical world

Explores the complex and often misunderstood relationship between The Christian Community and the wider anthroposophical world.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
96 pages
Publication date:
22 Mar 2018


The relationship between The Christian Community and the Anthroposophical Society is complex and often misunderstood. Christian Community priests work out of an understanding of anthroposophy, and it was undoubtedly Steiner's theological lecture courses which led to the formation of the movement. Nonetheless questions remain, which Peter Selg examines closely in this unique book.

-- Steiner's work emphasises the importance of finding the spiritual in everyday life. So why did he help found a 'Sunday church'?
-- In his lectures, Steiner spoke about a 'spiritual communion' without physical matter. So why is there any need for a sacramental communion with real bread and wine, as practiced in The Christian Community?
-- In a much-quoted lecture after the founding of The Christian Community, Steiner said that anthroposophists should have no need of the new religious movement. But on another occasion he said he wished greatly that the movement should succeed. How can these be understood and reconciled?

This long-overdue book is a significant exploration of Steiner's legacy which should have far-reaching implications for mutual understanding and cooperation between The Christian Community and the wider anthroposophical world.

Table of Contents

The common ground of the anthroposophical
daughter movements
The special situation of The Christian Community
The relationship of The Christian Community to
the Anthroposophical Society
Unclarity for members of the
Anthroposophical Society
Rudolf Steiner's appeals to theologians
Steps to founding The Christian Community
Subsequent problems
The burning of the Goetheanum
The Christmas Foundation of the
Anthroposophical Society
The task of priests and of ritual
Rosicrucian understanding


'What Peter Selg has conveyed more than anything in this book is that Rudolf Steiner saw the existence of The Christian Community as intrinsic to the health and development of the anthroposophical movement. The book is informative and enlightening on a subject that, perhaps, is still not quite properly understood by those within the anthroposophical movement, but ought to be. I recommend its reading.'
-- New View


Peter Selg was born in Stuttgart in 1963. He is the director of the Ita Wegman Institute in Arlesheim, Switzerland. He lectures extensively and is the author of many books on the work of Rudolf Steiner, including The Lord's Prayer and Rudolf Steiner.

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