Green Hermeticism

Alchemy and Ecology

Peter Lamborn Wilson, Christopher Bamford and Kevin Townley; Introduction by Pir Zia Inayat Khan

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Discusses the contemporary relevance of hermeticism or alchemy, and how it can help heal the current ecological crisis.

216 x 138 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Religion & Spirituality
220 pages
Publication date:
25 Oct 2007


A series of gatherings took place in 2006 to discuss the contemporary relevance of the ancient sacred science of hermeticism, or alchemy. This book is a partial record of those meetings, focusing on finding a spiritual and cultural path for the healing of the current ecological crisis.

Peter Lamborn Wilson, explores the many ramifications of the alternative worldview offered by Hermeticism; Christopher Bamford provides a broad historical overview of the tradition from the Ancient Mysteries to contemporary manifestations of the alchemical tradition; while Kevin Townley brings a practical dimension, teaching the preparation of herbal elixirs and demonstrating that cosmology and philosophy can become a truly healing path for the Earth.


Peter Lamborn Wilson is a scholar of Sufism and Western Hermeticism and (under the pseudonym Akim Bey) a well-known radical-anarchist social thinker. His books include Sacred Drift: Essays on the Margins of Islam and Escape from the Nineteenth Century and Other Essays.

Christopher Bamford is Editor in Chief at SteinerBooks, and is a scholar of Western esotericism, esoteric Christianity, and Anthroposophy.

Kevin Townley is an esotericist and practicising alchemist. He is the author of The Cube of Space: Container of Creation.

Pir Zia Inayat Khan is the spiritual leader of the Sufi Order International and founding director of the Suluk Academy, an esoteric school in upstate New York. He holds a master's degree in religion from Duke University.

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