Simple Vegan Comfort Food

From the Café Indigo Kitchen

Patti Dann

Out of print

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A beautiful full-colour recipe book which treats vegans and non-vegans alike to a wide array of delicious vegan recipes.

240 x 190 mm
Vegan Publishers
Philosophy of Human Life;
28 colour illustrations
96 pages
Publication date:
28 Feb 2020


Patti Dann set out to find a vegan wedding cake for her daughter. It wasn’t long before she realised the only way to find a cake to meet her exacting standards was to convert an old family recipe and make it herself. The delicious vegan carrot cake she created became the starting point for her successful bakery, Café Indigo. Her full range of Café Indigo vegan desserts is now sold in markets across the US, including Whole Foods.

In this beautiful full-colour recipe book, Patti treats vegans and non-vegans alike to a wide array of delicious vegan recipes. From basics to breads, brunch to lunch, dinner and beyond, this is a wonderful collection of vegan comfort food for any home cook.

Including some recipes that were previous considered ‘trade secrets’ for Café Indigo, this is a must-have cookery book for anyone who is trying to reduce animal products in their diet.


Patti Dann is the founder and owner of Café Indigo, a bakery renowned for its delicious vegan desserts, which are now sold across the US. She was awarded New Hampshire's Women Owned Business of the Year and her cakes have received The Best of New Hampshire award..

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