The Shifty Lad and the Tales He Told

Celtic Folk Stories retold by P. L. Snow

P. L. Snow

Out of print

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  • A wonderful collection of tales from Ireland, Wales and Scotland
  • Delightful folk stories that will amuse and delight readers of all ages

A wonderful collection of tales from Ireland, Wales and Scotland as told by the Shifty Lad who is using his storytelling gift to escape a terrible fate.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality; Story Books & Anthologies
176 pages
Publication date:
19 Aug 2010


The Shifty Lad, as his name suggests, had a way with him about escaping from tricky situations. In these delightful and amusing tales of roguery and cunning, we learn about his childhood, how he longed to become a thief, and his career among the villains of the highways and byways.

We learn how he outwitted the Dark Stranger, and saved his own life through the gift of storytelling.

The stories the Shifty Lad tells come from the Celtic cultures of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. But as part of the great tradition of folktales, they are stories about the nature of humankind, stories that touch our feelings and make us laugh.

Older children and adults alike will enjoy the Shifty Lad's spirited charm and this lively collection of Celtic folktales.


"In the re-telling of these Celtic folk stories from the cultures of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the author has thoughtfully crafted his sentences in a fine storytelling style and employed lyrical phrasing in which the reader can take pleasure… Young and adult readers alike will find The Shifty Lad and the Tales he Told greatly entertaining."
-- Rosemary Usselman, New View, Autumn 2010.

'It is a book that will no doubt appeal to both adults and children and anyone interested in British folklore.'
-- The Cauldron

'It was highly entertaining simply as a good read, and I would recommend both to the general reader and storyteller alike… In all this would be an asset to any storytelling collection.'
-- Roisin Murray, storyteller in Facts & Fiction Magazine

'… these tales will be enjoyed by all those, old and young alike, who respond to that fair stream of silver, the spirit of the Celtic Lands.'
-- The Inner Light Magazine

'Author and professional storyteller Peter Snow has known most of the Shifty Lad's tales since childhood, gathering others over the years and having some passed to him by fellow storytellers from the UK and beyond.'
-- Human Givens, 2010


Peter Snow (1950-2019) was a schoolteacher for the best part of thirty years, and a practising storyteller for most of that time. He told stories all over the UK, in all sorts of places, as well as on the radio. He also told tales in France, Germany and the USA, including Hawaii. He believed that storytelling is of huge importance today, as more and more people turn to stories that can help and heal as well as entertain or awaken us. He is also the author of A Rosslyn Treasury.

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